Smoke some shoes? The DEA's list of slang terms for cannabis




Oh pence, we got so trumpfaced on that sessions-shit last night. One hit and it was melianiaville.

Ivanna, you vanna, we all vanna get totally bannioned…


I was tempted to order a venti pumpkin spice latte.


How to Speak Hip.



I have 3 words for you:

Black. Mountain. Jesus.

Not even kidding.


I have a friend who used to use shoes as a code; “My soul’s wearing thin. Know where I could get some new shoes?” Or “Hey, can you ask your friend (weed hookup) if I left my purple shoes at his house?”

He had his medical recommendation when I met him, but it was already so close to legal around here it was just easier to get it through the black/grey market.

I did appreciate keeping to code for text etc. One day his GF texted me, “Hey. Do you know where I can get some pot? Redacted is being really grumpy.”


That… actually sounds more reasonable than most of them.


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