Snag some of these gorgeous Ruth Asawa stamps and support the USPS

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It’s difficult because I know the vast majority of USPS workers are blameless. Regardless…

I can’t support an organization with money that will be spent based on the wishes of that puppet, or the orange hand crammed up him.


His wish is for the organization’s wholesale destruction, so withholding money from the USPS plays directly into that goal.


Perhaps, but at the same time, my money at present would be going to fund the current awfulness. I can’t do that. As I said it is difficult. Perhaps in a few months, if the filth has been cleared out, I will feel like doing so wholeheartedly.

Her artwork looks like diatoms.

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Those are a far better design than the usual boring American flag on most ‘forever stamps.’


no, the money would go to help maintain 600,000 unionized jobs for an unusually diverse workforce–23% african-american, 11% hispanic, and 7% asian-american. dejoy is sabotaging the postal service by withholding money and other resources from its operations. consciously choosing to withhold your money from the usps is enabling the current awfulness, a result antithetical to your stated goal.

indeed, your stated intentions are so enormously far removed from your chosen course of action i have to wonder if you’re playing us.


No, I am not playing you. We simply disagree. We boycott businesses and industries all the time that have unionized, diverse workers. I choose not to do business with this one at present. That may change in a few months, as I said.

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it’s not the disagreement between us that i’m having trouble with. it is you complete and total disagreement with yourself that is the problem.


Remember the wall, dude…


You’re only going to hurt one the single most popular and productive government organization. It’s only going to hasten privatization if we act as if this is the same as a private corporation.



One of the cool things about her art is the way it casts shadows depending on the lighting conditions. A few of her pieces are on permanent display in the lobby of the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and the effect they have on the space has as much to do with the shadows as the pieces themselves.


I am just as confused at the reaction. This isn’t happening because the USPS lacks money.

You could donate 100 million dollars the votes won’t go where they are intended to go. They won’t treat their employees any better. They don’t lack the equipment and the post office boxes, they’re removing them as policy to deny people votes.

The USPS abuses its workers, it has corrupt leadership, and it is denying people their democratic rights in order to prop up a racist, oppressive regime. What the USPS is doing makes Goya look like a joke.

If the leadership and policies change, my behavior will change. We differ. Feel free to do as you like, as well.


It’s happening in part because the USPS is being deliberately starved of money in order to justify draconian service reductions in the name of cost-cutting. Choosing not to buy stamps only supports that effort.


So I should send more money for them to hold back or most likely divert to other nefarious uses? I should contribute to that guy’s salary?

As I said, people can do what they want. I will do what I feel is best.

This is because of years of attacks from the GOP who have attempted to under mine the organization at every available opportunity.

Um, no. Postal workers have an incredibly strong union, and far better labor protections than almost all of the private carriers.

I think you’re buying into some very inaccurate propaganda here. Any organization is going to have tensions between management and labor, but the USPS isn’t nearly as exploitative as many other organizations.

On top of that, it gets shit where it’s going, when it’s not being undermined by the Republicans. For $.50, you can drop a letter in a box, and it will arrive in pretty short order. It works and more important, it’s in the Constitution!


I mean, the whole point of a boycott is to send the message “our ideals are more important to us than the products or services you provide, and if you don’t change your business model we will put you out of business entirely.”

This is a great tactic for protesting a cosmetics company that is testing on animals or a transit agency that segregates its buses. It doesn’t make nearly as much sense if the thing you are protesting is an executive deliberately trying to destroy the agency providing a crucial public service.


I think you may mean $.55 ?

The current price of a First-Class Mail® Forever® letter stamp is $0.55 and $0.35 for a postcard.

I suppose many businesses use the flag stamps, so maybe the greater volume of stamps are the flag image, but there are 51 different $.55 forever stamps on sale right now on the USPS website! Many with multiple stamp designs on the same sheet or booklet. Granted you might not want the George H. W. Bush stamp…but perhaps you’d be interested in the Scooby-Doo one, Bugs Bunny, the 19th Amendment, the Harlem Renaissance, Sally Ride, or The Snowy Day, among others?

I have some of the frog ones right now, myself. Four different North American frogs! The Pacific tree frog, the northern leopard frog, the American green tree frog, and the squirrel tree frog!


Is that measurably different? It’s still real cheap, in comparison to many other goods and services in our economy.