Snake at a wedding: reptile stopped by to say "congratulationsssss" but is rudely removed from celebration

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I am super happy she was able to relocate it, I hate when people kill a snake to just kill one. Those things are more scared than the people are so very good on her getting it out of the way.


Erika should support the gopher snake’s spine, and not dangle it from its tail. The sentiment is right, but the technique needs work. This was cewrtainly better than summary execution.


I don’t cotton to poisonous snakes, but something like a gopher snake is one to relocate.

My dad get some pretty big garter snakes and occasional bull snake in his yard, that butts up to a hay field. So he put them in a big barrel and relocates them near the city lake.


Love the fact that the woman is wearing cowboy(ish) boots under the dress.

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Goes back aways. Snakes just love crashing events.



Ever been to Florence AZ?
Besides the prison and the Tom Mix death site? Catching snakes is the THING to do~~

Source for Tom Mix comment besides my seeing it: Silent-film star Tom Mix dies in Arizona car wreck | October 12, 1940 | HISTORY

Can’t say that I have. Although I have spent a fair amount of time in the desert, my favorite biome. And have had a decent amount of interaction with our ophidian friends.

I’m just saying if you’re gonna handle them, you can do it in a way that’s safe and humane.

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