Snake Plissken escapes from Florida


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Escape from New York and/or Florida? If he’s not escaping from NY, then it’s a foolish name for the comic. Perhaps it should have been called “Snake Plissken”, or some such thing.


Maybe he’s escaping from here?


Snake Plissken? I heard he was dead.


No; that’s Rob Ford.


Holy shit. I had no idea this existed. I just ordered the first two and pre-ordered the third! Thanks for the heads up!

Man, I can’t wait…


If you’ve ever been to South Florida there’s a hell of a lot of New York down there. Maybe the series could be called “Escape From New Yorkers.”


not to tell anyone else how to run their business but they really missed an opportunity in not having Snake escape from Cleveland.


Should we start a thread?


Is he escaping from Florida to get to New York so he can escape from it?


He better hurry before Bugs gets to FL first…


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