Snapshots from an American city square, 1973




“Zero Population Growth Supports ERA” - What is “ERA”?


The Equal Rights Amendment presumably.


looks just like North Western Brooklyn circa now, complete with Instagram filterage.


OK. So why would ZPT support the ERA?

Excuse my ignorance, I wasn’t alive during this era. I only know what ZPT is because that’s the first comment my mother-in-law made when seeing our home for the first time.

“Ah, a ZPT home…” Meaning only two bedrooms and thereby further crushing her hope for any grandchildren from us.


Whole lotta skinny people in those photos…


Earned Run Average.


I’m just guessing, but in 1973 The Pill was still new news. I suppose if uppity women gain control of their ovaries, next they’ll be expecting the equal protection of the laws or something.


Perhaps for the same reason I once saw, in a march protesting the awful treatment of Chelsea Manning, a sign that read “TAX THE RICH”.

Politics make strange bedfellows.


ERA (Equal Rights Amendment), was a proposed Constitutional amendment, granting equal rights to women. In short, it failed. it was introduced in the Congress for the first time In 1972, it passed both houses of Congress and went to the state legislatures for ratification. Long story short. It failed in the 1980s. Nobody’s bothered to resurrect the idea since.


Something else rather important along those lines happened in January of 1973: Roe v. Wade.


No, actually, it was introduced shortly after the 19th Amendment was ratified! It took until 1972 to pass both houses of Congress. Then it went to the states for ratification and got to within 3 states of succeeding, but then things went downhill and never recovered. I’m looking at you, Schlafly.


There was a lot of conservative panic about the ERA. Rather much like the panic about gay marriage. If Women had Equal Rights we’d be forced into co-ed bathrooms, PE classes would be required to have co-ed dressing rooms and showers, and women wouldn’t bother having children and go into the work force…and OMG think of the family!

Edit: I forgot to add another argument was that the ERA would allow for gay marriage and strike down laws against homosexuality.


And don’t forget women in combat.

Yeah, good thing we don’t have that evil ERA.

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