Snoop Dogg thinks Game of Thrones is true history


Ask him about Star Trek next.


And this is surprising in WHAT way?!?


Snoop is a national treasure, I don’t care what anyone says!


I have a hunch he might be high.


I do look forward to the day that I can walk down to the local bodega and legally purchase some of what Mr. Dog is smoking. :slight_smile:


Or he could be pointing out that the feudal system, such types of hierarchies, the combat and armor styles, commonplace torture, and a complete lack of percieved value in human life are all derived and emotive of actual human history…


Hmmm… white people murdering everybody in sight. How could he possibly think that’s anything like history?


I feel the same way about Game of Thrones.

The article mischaracterizes what he said. He’s not literally claiming it’s real history, but that GoT has a kind of historical verisimilitude, which can be useful in comparisons of past and present. It’s not like the show hasn’t been routinely praised for its historical realism (undeserved I would argue), and treatment of political machinations either, so he doesn’t come to this conclusion by himself. Besides, go publicly criticize GoT for its depictions of race/gender/class and watch the “it’s historically realistic” defenses flow in for a fantasy series.


Anyone working in any large organization knows that GoT barely is an hyperbole of real XXIst century corporate life…
(Maybe, just maybe, people are too smart in the show)


Like if there were no indigenous African wars, South American tribal warfare, Asian marauders… the whole Asian region on its own is a nice example that it was the same everywhere.

At one point, Europeans engineered better weapons. That’s about all. Get better engineers and deserve the victory.


Um… so, because the germans had better gas ovens… Come on now…


So like, how did a wicked feudal system wrapped up in exploiting it’s subjects at a base level evolve into an entertainment form that exploits wicked bass to accompany it’s main subjects, feuding rappers?

He’s a product of Long Beach Polytechnic High School. It’s probably worth mentioning that of all the notable alumni of Long Beach Polytechnic, not one is an academic scholar. They are entertainers and athletes.


They ousted or killed too many of their scientists and engineers (and USA is benefiting since - it used to be that the lingua franca of science was german, some of local lab slang still is, e.g. “stoff” or “zeug”), and did not manage to keep access to resources, and so they deserved to lose.

The wars are fought mostly in labs, manufacturing, and logistics these days, and back then too. The battlefields themselves are quite less important. (Cue recent changes towards network-centric warfare, etc…)

Technological advancement should never justify mass slaughter, which is precisely what the era of colonialism was: mass slaughter, for the accumulation of wealth. The Nazis did it on European soil, is the main difference (because the Germans had been historically left out of the colonial scramble of the 19th century and it was part of the German sense of inferiority during the interwar period, which is one of the things that Hitler was able to rise to power on, then he blamed the Jews, and it led to a mass slaughter of European Jews).

Mike Davis actually calls the victorian era “Late Victorian Holocausts” due to all the violence being leveled at the rest of the world. While the British, especially see that time as a golden age, the people living in the colonies, being victimiized by European aggression did not agree.


Engineering won’t justify a war. Engineering will only win it.


What we’ve got here is a disagreement over the meaning of “deserve the victory.”