'Snow Fighters' doc shows how Montreal dealt with winter storms in the late fifties

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Montreal snow clearing is still an amazing operation. They can clear the entire city after a major snow fall in under 3 days. And that’s not just pushing snow to the side of the roads – a significant portion of that is being trucked out. Montreal spends > CAD$160M a year clearing snow, more than any other city in the world. Some spend more per capita, but nobody spends as much in absolute terms.

It’s still a common pastime to complain about snow clearing taking too long, but that’s just the normalization of wonder, in my opinion.


I didn’t like the English dubbing; for those interested, here’s the original version en français québécois (by the way, this version has some poetic musings near the beginning which were not translated in the English counterpart).


The weather is doing all the fighting the snow for me, it’s going to 70 degrees today.


I knew I recognized the director’s name. They’ve worked on several Canadian shorts that I can remember.
For example, Here’s Hockey!


I’ve been in storms in Quebec City where the snow is so deep that everyone used second story entrances on their houses. The streets were 8’ canyon walls of snow on both sides. Amazing! This was all 30 years ago though. Snow like that is less every year due to climate change.

Furthermore, evidently unlike their contemporaries in Ohio, Trans Canada highway plows are absolutely stunning combinations of machinery and driving. They clear thousands of miles of highway at 100km/h without even impeding traffic. You don’t want to be too close behind them from the spray of rocks and salt, but we sure appreciate them.


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