Snow leopard takes down a sheep


Hiking in the Santa Cruz Mountains a few years back I was camped on the saddle of a ridge overlooking the Pacific. Much of the saddle was covered in lush grass with large trees surrounding the saddle itself, and as I watched the sun go down and the stars come up, a herd (flock, murder?) of deer began grazing about 100 yards below and upwind of my position. They steadily made their way up the saddle and at the point they were within about 20 yards I stood up and snorted. They saw me and turned and ran down the saddle and back into the trees, but the thundering of their hooves on that grassy saddle reverberated through me and was absolutely one of the most powerful moments I’ve experienced in the woods.
So I can only imagine what it would be like to see a freakin snow leopard do its thing! Kudos to the photographer for being steady enough to capture the event.

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