Snow sliding down windshield creates trippy illusion

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looks like another alien sighting.


Tell us you’ve never spent time in a real winter without telling us!

Completely normal occurrence in the Midwest, for example. No illusion at all.


Post it to r/mildlyinteresting!


Reminded me of the apartment we lived in during my early childhood. Winter, steam-heat, and single-pane window glass in the room my brother and I shared yielded sheets of ice on our side of the windows. Too cool. We could break some of it off then slide the remaining thin sheets of the stuck-on ice around the surface of the glass. :smiley:


I live in warmer climes now, but IIRC those illusions aren’t as impressive in real life. If you have two eyes with sufficient vision pointing in the same direction, you can tell it’s only a bit further than arm’s length away by the magic of binocular vision.

A bit like how in real life you can tell that someone is standing blocks away from the leaning tower of Pisa and holding up their hands in a weird pantomime, but in a one-eyed two-dimensional capture, it looks like they might be pressing against a tower that would fit in a living room.

ETA: my sister has a “lazy eye” - it works fine as an eyeball, but she doesn’t have a lot of control where it points. Her depth perception isn’t great, but she takes better photographs with a cheap phone than I can on a good day with a really nice SLR. She never has to work out what’ll look good as an image vs real life - she already sees the world like a camera does.


It’s true. Weekends are a good time to take psychedelics.
trippy walking GIF


Hm. A spiral city architect.

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E-type ghost

It’s Bridges On The Continental Divide Deicing Time Season, Motherfuckers! [That illusion > Vibrations you feel in marrow.this]
Is this not a reasonable place to pick up AutoLISP?

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