Social media influencer who falsely claimed to have coronavirus during flight is arrested after plane made emergency landing

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Seriously… what’s wrong with people.


I wonder if these stunts would slow down if the punishment was a temporary (1-2 years?) ban from social media. There is a precedent in hacking convictions.


Just the other day two Brits whose drunken bullshit forced an unscheduled landing in Winnipeg were sentenced to 30 days in the clink plus $100,000 each in restitution.. (Sorry if this was discussed elsewhere, did not see if so.)

Here’s hoping this jerk gets a similar dose of reality.

As for a social media ban, I’m all for banning anyone from social media the moment they self-describe as an “influencer”.


Social media influencers are are their own kind of plague. Can we start quarantining them? All on one big island. And then broadcast them attempting to remain relevant. “Social Survivor!”


More evidence that a low IQ and a toddler’s thirst for attention are the key requirements for a “career” as a social media influencer. Not that any of us didn’t already know that, or that the other passengers needed to find out this way.



what really pisses me off is the video of him defending himself because he’s “an artist” – which is just a huge insult to ACTUAL artists.


“charged with mischief” that’ll teach him

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As long as he faces no consequences for his actions, he’ll be fine. And his followers will double overnight.

I guess it would take an island the size of Australia to receive them all.
Maybe we should start a parallel internet only for influencers, it is cheaper and still let people do what they want.


And with Breach of Recognizance, meaning he had already been charged with another criminal offense and let out on bail on certain conditions, such as keeping the peace. Hopefully this will be enough to get him thrown in the slammer pending trial, fines, lawsuits, etc.

If ever there were a candidate for the no-fly list, it’s this gentleman. Surely what he did meets the definition of terrorism.


Can we start referring to them here as “social media gentlemen”?


Part of me is glad he’s facing consequences for this, but part of me also wishes that his transparent, desperate attempt for attention went completely unacknowledged. Just stony-faced silence from everyone until he realized what an ass he was making of himself and sheepishly sat down and shut up for the rest of the flight.


I watched that video of the freeway idiots. My first thought was, this is what the Trump brothers would be doing if dad hadn’t been a silver-spoon gangster.

Let’s deny the self-aggrandizing asshole every little bit of fame. His real name is James Potok. He doesn’t deserve anyone repeating his stage name.

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Wished for fame. Wish granted. Monkey’s Paw, no third wish. The end.


Isn’t that called “Instagram”?

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This guy just made my “I wanna slap this guy in the face” list. Welcome #318! /s
Seriously, what an a$$

I imagine that WestJet will be hitting Vaughan Man with a hefty bill.

He added he has done something similar before. Once, he said he stood up on a plane and made an announcement, saying (American rap singer) Lil Wayne just dropped his new album, then Potok said he stopped recording and sat down.

According to Potok, that video did go viral.

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Like, bro, the two pranks are like 99% the same! All these people freaking out over the other 1%, smh.

Yeah but, it wasn’t a viral viral video now was it?

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