Some people you just think are arseholes, others go out of their way to tell you they are


It’s official, Morrisey is a fascist.

His comments came as he underlined his support for the right-wing party For Britain, set up by ex-Ukip candidate Anne Marie Waters.

Anne Marie Waters was a far-far right candidate in one of the Ukip leadership elections

As for the supporters of Tommy Robinson, do they know that his actions could have lead to a mistrial and the release of the accused in the other court cases? Is that what they want? I should look on the bright side, if any of these idiots end up in court in the UK they are likely to fuck their case up badly enough that the jury and judge will have no sympathy for them.


Who ever would have pegged Morrisey as an elitist?

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As I have said, many times before:

I like Morrissey’s music, but I don’t like him that much. However, he likes himself more than enough to make up for that.


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