Morrissey throws a fit after being lampooned as being an miserable, racist bastard on The Simpsons


OK, I read all that and it confirms my view that Morrissey is an utter and irredeemable wanker.

He says they accuse him or racism without citing any examples (when there is no shortage of these publicly available) and he does exactly that himself - accusing them of being racist with no example other than possibly a Morrissey-like character being portrayed with his belly out of his shirt. WTF?

The article reads as if it were a Morrissey-like character, not actually named as him. Anyone see it - can you confirm?

And did they accuse HIM of racism or this Morrissey-like character?

Pompous, racist, snowflakey wanker.


I used to read the Joan of Arc character in the song as suddenly realising her mistake, but too late to redeem herself.

But now I think that there’s nothing to imply that at all and in fact she’s still clueless of her own insensitivity and blaming everyone else for her predicament.

There’s a moral in there somewhere…



The Smiths when Bigmouth shuts up…

So beautiful.


This quote from him shows just how blinkered and myopic the wanker is:

“If you travel to Germany, it’s still absolutely Germany. If you travel to Sweden, it still has a Swedish identity. But travel to England and you have no idea where you are.”

Of course an outsider like he is would think that. If you ask a rightwing German, they would say that Germany no longer feels like Germany. Or how Swedes are all aghast that their culture is no longer recognisable, a common theme in the Wallander novels for example. But Morrissey is a self-absorbed wanker who only sees the things that make it different from wherever he considers home. For someone who only visits the UK now and then, it still feels uniquely British, because I don’t live there.

This is an asshole who in the end thinks of himself as the most important being in the universe, and everything revolved around him.


It’s funny because he’s a great example of the children of immigrants embracing the culture of their adopted country wholeheartedly.

No wait. He’s a great example of them embracing it in a totally racist fashion. I’m looking at you Tory ministers…

Also: he was always a dick and in hindsight you can see he was always a racist (he just wasn’t so outspoken about it) but it was clear since the 80s.


Mojo Nixon had him figured out last century:

Morrissey is pathetic… He’s like an 8-year-old kid whose dog gets run over every day at 4:30.

Now we can add racist PoS to that.



That puts me in mind of a quote by Billy Bragg (IMO Britain’s equivalent of Mojo Nixon) about another genius Manchester misanthrope, Mark E Smith - There are two types of people; Those who like Mark E Smith and those that have met him.

Billy Bragg has also been putting the boot into Morrissey for the last few years also.




I’d never thought of Billy Bragg that way before. Nice.


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