Some Republicans fear that Cohen had taped conversations between himself and Trump that were seized by FBI


Aye, I do believe there’s more than a dram of truth in what you’re saying there.


Or Cohen knows that the recordings put him in a better light than the people being recorded, so overall its better to let the FBI have them, while complaining loudly about them being taken.


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I’m especially amused by all these interfaces for audio/video/multimedia software that use metaphors harkening back to analog recordings as the basis for the whole UI, even though only a tiny, tiny fraction of users would have any familiarity with analog media editing. (I mean, how many people today have had the experience of physically cutting and splicing film together versus those who now use video-editing software? I have, but…) It very quickly went a helpful crutch to ease people into new tools to becoming just a meaningless convention. So I’m quite sure we’ll be talking about tapes and taping for a very, very long time. The nature of terminology seems to be that whatever the first words for something were, they stick around long after it changes - which is why “skjár,” Icelandic for window (both architectural and computer UIs) is a reference to the amniotic sac of a cow, once used to seal up openings in buildings.

I think I’ve seen someone give a name to it, but I cannot, for the life of me, remember what it was.


From someone who has lived more than half his life in Kansas, they’re generally regarded as “The Plains States”. I like to think it’s because they’re so darn…plain. Culturally, not visually. :neutral_face:


Visually too, darling.

I’ve been to Kansas; the topography there is practically nonexistent.


I think it all depends on how you look at it. I hope our family friend, John Morrison, could help change your mind.



I figured the whole state couldn’t all look the same, but Junction City, and the highway getting there…


I think if someone could figure out a way to boot the Koch and Phelps clans, the state might make a turn for the better.


I’m having flashbacks to the smell of the mimeograph machine now.


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Can’t presume that Cohen was so much Donald’s lawyer as just his fixer. Sort of Roy Cohn 2.0.
But what amuses AF here is that all this crap is with the office of the SDNY US Attorney. So sure, fire Mueller and shut down his whole operation; Donald will see how much good it does other than making him happy.
Donald’s entire career has been based on scamming of one kind or another. He’s going to to learn that Trumpshit doesn’t scale to being POTUS.


Um no, that makes him quite suited to the office. You can start with the pretense all recent presidents make that the U.S. isn’t a rapacious empire that’s increasingly run for the sake of greedy oligarchs. Very scammy, in so many other ways too.


I was about to disagree, but then remembered I’m 31 and have these kinds of moments with people just a couple of years younger than me, all the time.


Few today are aware of the early use of the word “album” as applied to recordings. Before the 33 1/3 RPM LP , you could get albums that were collections of 78 or 45 RPM records that were in a booklet like a photo album.


It seems that Melania was the only one of the coterie of enablers that realized ahead of time the increased scrutiny of the office would bring the whole “Trump” edifice and the fiction that he was a great businessman crashing to the ground. By several accounts she was dead set against him running, and spent much of the transition trying to stay out of the White House and the role of first lady.,

The difficulty isn’t so much that he is a liar, but that he is so consistently bad at it.


Ohio raised, agree. I vote it’s time to call the Midwest what it really is- MethCornFactory Land.

In my little corner we preferred “rust belt”


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