Some Simpson jokes that go over kids' heads


Do I know what a rhetorical question is?!




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I got to see one on full screen at a Mike Judge animation fest - Homer Simpson was distinctly Walter Matthau but I understand that was what Dan Castellanata was aiming for. Ironically while researching this and watching one of the shorts (with a screen filter so he couldn’t see it), a coworker walked up and offered me a donut.

Not to mention mathematical references. One of the writers is (or at least has been) a mathematician.
Also, my favorite adult reference in a cartoon (which would also fly over most adults heads) was when the Animaiacs were helping Lincoln write the Gettysburg Address. He needed a snappy opening. “Friends, Romans, countrymen…no, no, no, no. I am a jelly donut … no, no, no,no”. I actually ROFLed with that one.

Of course, there is always the (obviously) Mel Brooks bit from ‘Get Smart’ where a KAOS agent states, “I want to out, kill and hello dolly!! Wait, that’s not right…I want to go out, kill and maim!!!” [uh, that doesn’t work nearly as well in print]


Hell, it took me far longer than to get why Bugs Bunny called people the color ‘maroon’. Well, hell, maroon is funny in and of itself.


Still lost.

I was confused for years by the ending of “Falling Hare” - the one with Bugs and the gremlin. Thank goodness for lessons in school about rationing during WWII (and my love of classic movies).

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