Some trick-or-treaters will get a Trump University 'degree' for Halloween


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No, they’re just being toxic assholes to kids.

Kids didn’t do this, and they don’t want single serving containers of Haterade in their candy bags.

Halloween isn’t about you, parents and homeowners. Not. About. You.


Makes Candy Corn almost edible!


What douchy buzz kills…


There better be full sized Snickers that they are wrapped around or you are going to get your shit egged.

Yeah, cute yard decorations. Neat. But this is taking your snarky and oh so smart satire too far. You’re wasting it on kids who neither care nor are probably even capable of understanding your “joke”.


Darn tootin right. If I were handing these out, there would be full size bars in every one. Every single one. And sometimes two bars if the parents or older kids looked shady or too conservative to get the joke.


I loathe Trump as much as anyone, but I still remember what being a kid was like, and kids are not super interested in politics, especially on Halloween night. This will be completely lost on them, will likely piss them off, and hopefully will result in these self-absorbed jerks’ house getting egged.


I got a rock.



Isn’t “fake trump university diploma” rather redundant?


When I read this headline, I honestly thought the white house was going to be giving actual Trump University degrees out to children. My ability to test ideas against reality is utterly broken.


Fake Trump University diplomas are not Trump University fake diplomas. There is a small but important difference.

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