Someone finally asked Chris Claremont about Professor X's weird sexy photograph collection

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That’s funny. Chris is not shy about commenting on stupid stuff like that on comics other people wrote. I met him at Planet Comicon a few years ago and got him to sign my copy of Ms. Marvel #16 (first appearance of Mystique), and he went off on a rant about the direction the writers took Ms Marvel after he left that title. For those unfamiliar, it involves a being from another dimension brainwashing Carol Danvers into falling in love with him, marrying her, getting her pregnant, and then leaving with her to another dimension where she gave birth to … well him, actually, but a version of him that would be able to permanently leave his dimension for ours or something. Anyway, it all happened very quickly, and the other Avengers basically just shrugged and said, “Ok, guess she fell in love really fast. Nothing to see here,” and let her go without a fight. Christ Claremont was, and still is, livid about that story line because (a) it’s rape, and (b) it doesn’t make any sense that the Avengers would just let it happen and let her leave with this guy. And when I say he went off on a rant, I mean he went off on a rant. It was pretty cool to witness. I guess he’s less receptive to criticism of his own work, although this stupid picture is not nearly as egregious a mistake as the Ms Marvel interdimensional rape and pregnancy story.


A wizard did it.


Oh, you just know what the real story is:
Claremont: “Panel: Professor X is holding a letter and a photograph from the couple’s honeymoon.”
Artist: “A honeymoon photograph, eh? What single image encapsulates that… I have about 30 seconds to think this through, given my deadlines.”


and, or: “do you know how long ago that was? i have no idea.”


I suppose Claremont could have just said, “I didn’t do the art, buddy.” That answer would be an honest and easy way out for so many comic writers.



My guess is that he also is not the sort of guy to throw the artist under the bus.

And really, the most obvious answer would be that even back then, cameras had timers. It would be all too easy to say Scott did something as dorky as setting the camera up on the dresser across from the bed, and giggling as he rushes to get in pose before the shutter snaps.

But now that I think about it more, I feel he is leaning into the mystery, and rolling with it because it’s just fun to fuel speculation about dumb stuff.


Or…“I don’t comment on potential future plot developments”


TBF, that might have been the artists prerogative to include a picture. You know, don’t tell, show that they are having a happy honeymoon.

I met Chris Claremont earlier this year. Got an X-Men 1 (from the 90s) signed (which also had a Jim Lee Signature) and Aliens vs Predator Deadliest of Species 1 which was his first work after X-Men and where my one and only comics letter was published.


Poor Professor X has been thirsting after Jean Grey for decades.


To add insult to injury, by the time he finally convinced her to move in with him he had no feeling below the waist.


If you’re wondering who took the pic
And other science facts,
Just repeat to yourself “It’s just a comic,
I should really just relax!”


… SHOCKED that a character whose superpowers start with reading minds, and get more invasive after that, might have really bad boundaries about other people’s privacy :man_bald:


Racy but not explicit photos were definitely an option offered at some of the “honeymoon hotels.” in the Poconos. Certainly, the heart shaped headboard fits the oeuvre of those kinds of hotels. Right up there with champaigne glass shaped tubs.

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Okay, Claremont was a huge fan of planting plot seeds, but almost 40 years after the original story (and how many years since he last wrote for X- Men) would be grand master status.

I know, and chances that he had it in mind as a plot point are almost nil, and as you say if he had the time is long past…which makes it hilarious that one would treat something like that as if it was important and still has a possibility of being “in play”

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