Someone made a Random Text Generator for Extreme 90s Superheroes and it's awesome

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The best one I’ve gotten so far:

Hellcry - Member of the Cry Pack


@thomdunn I’m in suspense—please tell us who or what is Xankk!




I read the heading as a script generator for Extreme 90s Superheroes. I thought, yeah…that’s probable.


Napoleon Dynamite Liger GIF by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment


I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I am Beastwitch the Destroyer, Leader of Fury Force.


I’m pretty sure I’m NOT “Terrorwulf the Manslayer-Leader of Team Hot”


Ya sure you’re not, that’s just what Terrorwulf would say…
Also how awesome is ‘Avengeshadow the Strangler Leader of Team Grim’?


My 90s comic characters were Black F.E.L.I.X. - basically a Terminator (only a ferro-ceramic chassis) with human brain who had these two sticks which could pop out a blade nearly doubling the length; short spikes in the finger tips (claws), knees and elbows that could pop out; and three ports in each hand that could shoot out claw like projectiles that could shoot like bullets, or attached to a cable and you shoot into a tree or building and could use it like a grappling hook to swing around. The cable I though of was like silly string in the way it worked - but it was a metal infused polymer. Basically a Daredevil Terminator, with some Wolverine/Spider-man vibes.

His main foe was Enigma - sort of Cobra like entity, where they had various different types of soldiers based on their abilities, and they partnered with Death Ninjas. A clan of Ninja who never die. Their souls are trapped in a cursed vase. They just need a host corpse, or even a skeleton wrapped in rags, and they will animate and due the bidding of the owner of the vase. So imagine mummy ninjas.

The other was Majek, a demon cast/fallen/escaped out of hell with no memory of his past, who has to feed on humans like vampire to keep what is called “The Lust” in check - or he basically becomes a savage. He is able to generate hellfire - which is a black fire looking substance that is feels cold, but destroys what ever it touches. It doesn’t “burn” or “freeze”, it just undoes what it hits. Also could generate knives or swords with it. He has to somehow find a way for redemption. The Arch Angel Aloquin (Al for short) (Imagine George Carlin) is sort of his guide and observer through the story.

So it is basically vampire the masquerade and the aesthetic of Sandman (which I only knew from ads), and my own Judaeo-Christian myth-making. No, Spawn was not an influence, it pre-dates Spawn.

He had a whole host of supernatural foes, included 3 bounty hunters from hell, all of them dammed souls, as well as supporting characters, including one inspired by Michael Jackson.

At one point they were going to have a cross over called “Black Majek”. I actually drew a few full pages of FELIX on real comic board. And I have some quick sketch books I made just to put it down on paper. It is one of those things I occasionally think about and want to refine and actually DO. Someday, maybe. :confused:

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The generated names would also work as generic metal band names.

I love; it provides a robust yet simple-to-learn platform for all kinds of projects like these.

Small plug: My random director’s cut generator/bot has been a lot of fun in the months leading up to the SnyderCut.

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The two best I’ve seen so far are:
Gun-Gun Shot, Leader of Team Gun (wow, that’s very … gun?)
Pool Knight, Member of the Pool Brigade, who is more from the “not taking this very seriously '80s” than the “edgy '90s”, really. I’m picturing his costume as orange flip-flops, a pair of loud/bright bermuda shorts, a snorkel and diving mask, and water wings.


Whomever or whatever Xankk is, they’re jack shit compared to the SKELGOYLES


LOL. As a kid comic maker, I too can’t count how many titles I was influenced by that I hadn’t actually read yet, but I imagined from the ads. Hey, 50 cents a comic adds up for a middle schooler on a meager allowance and healthy comic habit!

I thought more of pool billiards.

With his cue of doom and his uncanny ability to make devastating trick shots with any vaguely spherical object, Pool Knight fights through the seedy underworld of the Big City.

Once he was just a happy-go-lucky pool shark but when the Big City turned Bad!!!, he fought back.

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