South Carolina State Senate votes to remove the Confederate flag from the Capitol grounds

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Does Bree get to take it down?


How about replacing it with a statue, something like this?

And it still includes the flag, so everyone’s happy. Win win!


You mean to say it’s not 1865 anymore in the South?

Robert E Lee and Strom Thurmond are rolling in their graves!

I do gotta give SC a little credit - my first thought was that they were probably going to go all CONSERVATIVE DOUBLE-DOWN ™, but they’ve been doing the right thing here.

You know finally, after more than a century of endless persecution, and after the violent deaths of nine people in a church, they’re doing the right thing!


Oh don’t worry, there’s plenty of doubledown to go around. See those three? They’ll be giving speeches all month.

To be clear, the SC State Senate vote isn’t enough to remove the Confederate flag. The bill now goes to the SC House of Representatives. It looks like they’ll start debating it on Wednesday morning.

And if history is any indicator, the real challenge lies in the house vote.

Bree Newsome is the Wonder Woman we need, for sure.


The flag in the photo is the Confederate naval ensign.


In the article you use the words “despite being” where you meant “expressly because it is a”.

(symbol of slavery, oppression, and white supremacy, etc.)

Why does that stars-n-stripes in the first pic appear to have multiple patches?

At least Lee had the decency to surrender when he lost.

To me, they look more like creases from being folded.

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