Nikki Haley calls for removal of Confederate flag from capitol grounds


Surprised there’s no post on this yet.

Easy to say ‘about time’, but by my count there’s 10 other Governors who could have done something about this before who didn’t, so (belated) props for that. I originally thought it was 40 odd governors, didn’t realize it wasn’t put up until the 60s - I see that the man responsible for that is still alive, wonder what his thoughts are?

Time for someone to have a word with Phil Bryant about Mississippi’s state flag?
(and Georgia, and all the others who still have various nods to the Confederacy on their state flags - and how about that British Empire one on Hawaii’s?)


Personally, I wonder when a conversation might start about the counterproductive uselessness of flags in general. If it ain’t a variant of ye olde Jolly Raptor, I’m disinclined to fly it.


In most cases being on the losing side of a civil war means you don’t get a say in what the flag looks like any more, especially a century or so after the fact. Maybe we should tell the people of Mississippi that we’re reconsidering a redesign for Old Glory and see how fast they come around.


I don’t know about Hawaii’s. That is the modern Union Jack which includes the Saint Patrick’s Cross, not the flag of Great Britain which is what they’d be flying during the American Revolution, so I’m kind of inclined to give it a pass.

I mean, if we’re going to deny all old National flag symbols, there is of course California’s (for the few weeks we were a country) and of course Texas’ which is exactly the same as the Republic of Texas’ flag.


In fairness, we have a Union Jack and an England flag flying on our house, just to break up the monotony from all the Norwegian ones around here.


While were at it, can we please replace the flag of North Dakota? It looks like a diseased eagle is holding on for dear life in order to avoid falling into “North Dakota.”


Virginians object to the display of confederate flag aka Minnesota Historical Society has a Loser Flag on display…


Good to see it…to ME seeing the stars and bars brings up images of country music, pickups and bbq, NASCAR and duck-hunting; in short, the good things about my youth in the South. I know intellectually the bad stuff it stood for, but my visceral reaction is the same, it’s just too ingrained to change. When it came up in a college class, a black classmate pointed out that that’s exactly how black people feel, but the connection is negative. They can’t somehow turn it off, or see it my way. They can understand it maybe, but it will always be hurtful.
It clicked. I replaced the only S&B flag I had (a patch on my hunting jacket) with a Remington patch. Only slightly less offensive to some here, I’m sure, but one of my black hunting partners commented on it. “Remington makes a fine gun, don’t they?”…Never was I more sure I’d made the right call.

Walmart to remove confederate flag from stores

MrsTobinL puts up the Canadian flag during the winter olympics.


states that the flag was freely adopted by the independent kingdom of Hawaii more or less to placate both the United States, and the United Kingdom by combining elements of both flags.

One can argue that the state governments of the Confederacy were illegitimate. It is much harder to argue that the Kingdom of Hawaii is similarly encumbered.


That is excellent. And any Virginian who wants to see it can wander on up to Minnesota to visit it. They don’t get it back; they lost it fair and square. And they should think long and hard about why they can’t have it back, and why they think they should want it back in the first place.


Believe it – or not…

Walmart Will No Longer Sell Products With the Confederate Flag


More and more of their stores are in urban areas…and in rural areas there aren’t many alternatives, so they don’t have to worry so much about boycotts by pissed off racists.


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