South Dakota governor blocks voter-approved cannabis legalization

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aren’t the rethuglicans the ones who always complain about “nanny state” bullshit?


After other states showing how well marijuana boosts their economy and state revenue, I find it amazing that a Republican would turn down such a money-making enterprise.

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I did NAZI that coming. Again, today…


Come on Kristi get with the gQp program already!

"Here’s a rundown of the details based on the draft legislation and summary documents obtained by Marijuana Moment:

-Cannabis would be federally descheduled and treated in a manner similar to alcohol.

-A 3.75 percent excise tax would be imposed on cannabis sales. Revenue would support grant programs for community reentry, law enforcement and Small Business Administration (SBA) aid for newly licensed businesses.

-The Treasury Department’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) would be the chief regulator for marijuana with respect to interstate commerce.

-The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) would be limited in its regulatory authority, with the intent being that it would have no more control over cannabis than it does for alcohol except when it comes to medical cannabis. The agency could prescribe serving sizes, certify designated state medical cannabis products and approve and regulate pharmaceuticals derived from marijuana, but could not ban the use of cannabis or its derivates in non-drug applications, like in designated state medical cannabis products, dietary supplements, foods, beverages, non-drug topicals or cosmetics.

-Raw cannabis would be considered an agricultural commodity regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA).

-The legislation would grandfather existing state-licensed cannabis operators into the federal scheme to ensure continued patient access and incentivize participation in the legal market.

-As federal agencies work to promulgate rules, there would be safe harbor provisions to protect patients and marijuana businesses acting in compliance with existing state laws.

-People with certain federal cannabis convictions that were non-violent would be eligible for expungements.

-To prevent youth use, there would be a mandatory 21 age limit for recreational cannabis, and the bill also prescribes certain restrictions on things like advertising.

-SBA would need to treat marijuana businesses the same as other regulated markets, like it does for alcohol companies, for example.

-The measure also stipulates that veterans can’t face discrimination in federal hiring due to cannabis use, and doctors with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) would be specifically authorized to issue recommendations for medical cannabis for veterans.

-Federal agencies could continue to drug test for marijuana.

-The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) would be required to issue a report to Congress on the marijuana industry.

The draft bill is 116 pages, so these details represent just a portion of what’s comprised in the legislation. And again, the provisions are subject to change as the proposal is finalized ahead of its formal introduction in Congress." Source


That’s some real “rugged individualism” right there. /s


But if the drugs are legalised, then her campaign donors who run the state prison system won’t have as much income!
Why won’t anyone think of the campaign donors!


Which maybe, just maybe, is why Biden is opposed to legalization as well. Hmmmm, that Kristi and Joe have something in common should really impress her base.


The Onion covered that back in 2015.


“No to weed.”


This keeps happening in New Hampshire, too. Every year that I’ve lived here, there’s been a legalization initiative with overwhelming popular support and even makes it through the state house, and then it gets vetoed by the governor.

Pretty funny how all of our neighboring states have legal marijuana while the “Live Free or Die” state barely has medical.

And also, I can literally drive 20 minutes to a dispensary in Massachusetts and buy weed there.


Does NH legislature have override powers?


Maybe she’s just waiting until she can finalize the paperwork on her own cannabis business.

I say that as a joke, but I will not be surprised if it turns out to be 100% true.


So their legal argument is that it is okay to legalize recreational pot by ballot, but not to regulate it at the same time. This from the party of law and order.

I suspect they will soon reap what they have sown.


She’s up for re-election in 2022 and already has at least one challenger according to Wikipedia. Attack her as ignoring the will of the people (and potentially for her handling of the pandemic) and when she’s hopefully defeated try it again.


Talk about a missed opportunity. A weed dispensary would probably be a welcome addition to the Sturgis rally.


She’s a Republican, so her opposition to cannabis legalization can only mean one thing: her handlers were somehow not included in the cannabis revenue stream.


Republicans are all about FREEDOM – if by freedom, you mean ruling like a dictator and killing all the brown people you can…


it doesn’t surprise me in the least that the trump-idolizing republican governor would circumvent the will of the people who elected her to represent them with a loophole on a measure she opposes. isn’t that how it’s done? just following the playbook.