South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem says 10-year-old girl should be forced to give birth to her rapist's baby

If she can’t allow abortion when a 10-year old child has been raped, then where does she draw the line?


Honestly, it always was. But it’s just getting harder to ignore.

Many of us very much are.

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All to save a hypothetical child.

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OH. I see your problem. You think people are using “reasoning” and “logic”… They are not. They intend for women to be made second class citizens whose most basic rights are curtailed in order to ensure that white men are in charge. They have their own twisted logic and reasoning on this stuff.

How can anyone be ambivalent about this anyway. The fact that ANYONE is at this point just shows how much some people are up their own assholes and buy into the idea that there is not society, only individuals.

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BS. Lots of left-wing dudes have been telling us for years that we should not put reproductive rights front and center, because it’s not a “real” issue that impacts everyone, just a “women’s” issue. If the men on the left had been far more proactive on this issue, perhaps we would not have constantly been ignoring it.

You DO realize that although the question was a hypothetical, that this happened JUST THIS WEEK in Ohio, right? So, while the question is hypothetical, THIS happened and will continue to happen. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a hypothetical, it’s real life.

You’re not winning the people who really believe that over. All you can do is work for their political marginalization.

The Christian fascist right can, yes.

Could be.


I had to stop the video after the first deflection to ‘what about the rapist- what’s being done about him?’, because THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THE QUESTION. Assume that the rapist has been punished appropriately (i.e., castrated with a broken coca-cola bottle in a back alley, or has been given over to Bubba in cell block C for fucking over a kid’s life) and ANSWER THE QUESTION THAT WAS ASKED.

… Which is probably the reason for the deflection in the first place.


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That made me think of this.


Conservatives are gun fetishists who worship the idea of one group of people being better than the others by right of birth. That simply who Mommy and Daddy was makes them better than you. They are the idiots that were born on third base and think they hit a triple.

They are worthless liars, claiming to follow the teachings of a radical Nazarene rabbi who preached about embracing the downtrodden when they really worship Moloch, worship Mars, worship Crom Cruach.

The governor of South Dakota is another believer in blood sacrifice, in making others suffer so that she can feel superior.


I agree with your larger point about deflection but would reiterate that there is no appropriate place for sexual assault in our society or our penal system, even against convicted rapists.


@ South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem:


Lately I’ve been thinking about how Ireland legalized abortion, and the situation that inspired that change - someone dying unnecessarily after a miscarriage.

I realized that’s not going to move the needle here - because it already was happening, in between Catholic hospitals and states with few to no one willing to provide abortions, even in the case of miscarriages. I don’t think a 10-year-old rape survivor forced to give birth and then even dying in the process is going to shift the debate at all. The anti-choice people don’t give a shit because they are in no way “pro-life,” pro-choice people were already outraged by the previous situation but unable to make changes, and people with no strong views live in a country with extreme maternal mortality rates and the normalization of bad medical outcomes due to lack of care.

It’s inevitable. Plus, women’s lives are already being put at extreme risk, unnecessarily, in states where abortion is still legal because of all this shit. It just spills over - even in the absence of explicitly bad laws, enough actors are so risk-adverse that terrible outcomes that no one was even demanding come true; if we start off with bad laws, the outcomes are monstrous.

Some years ago I was reading about what was essentially a small pro-choice women’s terrorist group in Germany in the '60s or '70s. (I forget the details, but they were destructive and threatening and no one was ever hurt, but they did put the fear of god into anti-abortion forces.) My immediate reaction was, “How did that not happen here?” my second thought was, “Maybe that should still happen here.”

I’m always taken aback by that kind of question. It’s a pointless “what if” masquerading as the dumbest possible gotcha question. It’s exactly the same as, “What if your parents never met!” except one can’t even pretend there’s a moral dimension to that.


So she doesn’t believe that a child rape should be “perpetuated” by forcing a child to forced to undergo the physical and emotional suffering of pregnancy, birth before her body is mature enough to safely undergo parturition, social trauma of being a pregnant at that age, her education disrupted, and likely the rest of her life dedicated to being the unprepared mother of someone more appropriately her little sister?

That kind of cruelty says a lot about the State that elected her to provide them with that kind of sadistic “entertainment.”


Noem: “I don’t believe a tragic situation should be perpetuated by another tragedy.”

The girl’s tragedy is only just beginning in that she is expected to bear and give birth to the child of her rapist. I don’t hear much consideration about the way her life is going to be destroyed - but the Republicans don’t really care about the brood mares.


“I don’t believe a tragic situation should be perpetuated by another tragedy.”

I had to read that several times before I understood that, for Noem, it’s a “tragedy” when a 10-year-old aborts a rape/incest embryo.


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These fascists and their fellow travelers seemingly will take up any position at all if they think it will “own the libs”. I’m bracing for things to get much, much worse.


“The ethical dwarf, posturing on the moral high-ground, presents a ludicrous spectacle “
This, of course, applies to pretty much every Xristian fascist, they only care about moral point-scoring, so come the day of the Rapture they can present a nice full card at the Gate and stroll in, head held high in their moral superiority.


Between their stances guns, abortion, cops, immigration, and war, nothing seems to delight the right more than cruel and unecessary child death. Which makes their self-applied “pro-life” label all the more perverse and cynical.


It is all God’s will and I hate this God and its disciples with all my heart.


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Let’s not forget that the rapist can get custody of the child and sue her for child support!

Louisiana woman says her rapist was given custody of her child in ongoing court dispute (


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