South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem says 10-year-old girl should be forced to give birth to her rapist's baby

Yeah, but you have to pinpoint the hypocrisy and really drive it home for people who are ambivalent about this.

Like, someone should pass a law requiring the governor of South Dakota to throw a huge party and yell YIPPEE for 6 hours straight in a public address for every rapist’s baby being born, since it’s not a tragedy and we’re all about celebrating life.


The American dream - graduating from high school and knowing your Mom is only 27. You’re almost in your 20’s and she’s almost in her 30’s. The wise leading the wise.



Good points.


Cruelty is the point. At no point do fetus worshipers give a flying fuck about anyone, born or unborn.
People pretend to be “concerned for the unborn” as a pretext to act like raging assholes to people. At no point is there genuine concern for any human life.

The views of right wingers on this subject are worthless lying garbage.

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I suspect it will play out as

  1. child is raped by family member
  2. CPS takes child into care, for obvious reasons
  3. Child is now in state guardianship, state decides on travel, access, etc.
  4. Much moral bullshit, leading to child being traumatized yet again.

Lots of states want to be the first to have this on their conscience for some reason. And this will be reason #10047982 why “just leave if you don’t like it” is never going to work.


Extremely likely in this case if the 10yo didn’t get the care she needed and has an intrinsic human right to. A 10 year old’s body is not developed for delivering a baby. A non- C-section birth would have a frighteningly high chance of killing her, literally disassembling and shredding her in the process.

Forcing a child this young to give birth is one of the worst kind of evil imaginable.


This is the Overton window at work.

Even if somehow scientifically a 10 year old girl having a kid was made totally safe and painless it still would not be okay.

Don’t give them ammunition for strawman arguments that don’t focus on the actual issue, which is controlling women and flexing for Christian nationalism over civil rights and democracy.


For the RWA followers, yes. For leaders like Noem, it’s a path to power.


Its irrelevant to the issue at all. At no point should anyone be barred by the government in exercising their bodily autonomy. A child’s body, a woman’s body isn’t anyone’s property. Its nobody’s business but their own as to what goes on in one.


I know, which is why I mentioned she has an intrinsic human right to appropriate care, including an abortion. This is just monstrous on top of ghoulish on a bed of unrefined evil.


I’m normally against people getting attacked by facehuggers; but this tempts me to make an exception.

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Can anyone make actual sense of those phrases she uttered? I get this with a lot of right wing talk. It literally doesn’t follow one phrase to the next. It is pretend talk. A gloss on logic. The scary part is I now understand that they apparently really think this way. At another level, does any of this fit in with what they were saying about mask wearing and vaccines just a few months ago? It’s like having one’s brain in a blender all the time.



Could the girl stand to be pregnant “a little while longer?” Brazilian Judge Joana Ribeiro Zimmer asked. Did she “want to name the baby?”

When those entreaties failed, the prosecutor jumped in. Would the girl consider adoption “instead of letting him die — because it is already a baby, a child — instead of letting him die in agony?”

Ribeiro Zimmer ordered the girl taken from her family — to protect the fetus, she said.


I’d say it’s a carefully constructed ambiguity in the reasoning, inviting supporters to hear what they want to hear and to infer that’s what she meant


Coming to courtroom near you. Same vein as “protecting trans youth from supportive parents.” Fascists only have one playbook.


If she can’t allow abortion when a 10-year old child has been raped, then where does she draw the line?


Honestly, it always was. But it’s just getting harder to ignore.

Many of us very much are.

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All to save a hypothetical child.

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OH. I see your problem. You think people are using “reasoning” and “logic”… They are not. They intend for women to be made second class citizens whose most basic rights are curtailed in order to ensure that white men are in charge. They have their own twisted logic and reasoning on this stuff.

How can anyone be ambivalent about this anyway. The fact that ANYONE is at this point just shows how much some people are up their own assholes and buy into the idea that there is not society, only individuals.

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BS. Lots of left-wing dudes have been telling us for years that we should not put reproductive rights front and center, because it’s not a “real” issue that impacts everyone, just a “women’s” issue. If the men on the left had been far more proactive on this issue, perhaps we would not have constantly been ignoring it.

You DO realize that although the question was a hypothetical, that this happened JUST THIS WEEK in Ohio, right? So, while the question is hypothetical, THIS happened and will continue to happen. In the grand scheme of things, it’s not a hypothetical, it’s real life.

You’re not winning the people who really believe that over. All you can do is work for their political marginalization.

The Christian fascist right can, yes.

Could be.


I had to stop the video after the first deflection to ‘what about the rapist- what’s being done about him?’, because THAT IS NOT THE POINT OF THE QUESTION. Assume that the rapist has been punished appropriately (i.e., castrated with a broken coca-cola bottle in a back alley, or has been given over to Bubba in cell block C for fucking over a kid’s life) and ANSWER THE QUESTION THAT WAS ASKED.

… Which is probably the reason for the deflection in the first place.


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