South London school bans "slang"


I think the real question is when did these type of schools start allowing slang, only to ban it at this particular point in time?


“Like”, “Bare”, and “Extra” are all perfectly valid words in formal english. How do they fit on this list?


I wonder what the list of banned words is at Eaton.

“Like, fuck off you stupid cunt, yeah?. Of course we can speak how we like.”

The one they should ban is “well dench”. I get it, but did it really come from Judy Dench (Dame)?


Jean Harrington: Boy, would I like to see you givin’ some old harpie the three in one!
“Colonel” Harrington: Don’t be vulgar, Jean. Let us be crooked, but never common.

The Lady Eve


Well, Cory your indoctrination via The Guardian Guidance Programme into the ultraliberal lunatic left is now complete. Can you pass on the names of those who haven’t been radicalised yet?
You do realise that school leavers here in the UK have amongst the lowest literacy and numeracy rates in the so-called developed world?

Of course, don’t take my word for it - even your darling Guardian ran an article:

And do you really have an understanding of the difficulties both colleges and employers are facing due to students leaving school with poor literacy and grammar abilities? I’m not sure you’re seeing the bigger picture here.


or sell sugary drinks and candy bars as a source of profit…

The public high school I went to did that.

…or hire totally unqualified ideologues to teach the kids

And that too, unfortunately.


I had to read your post three times before I decided it wasn’t satire, and I still wouldn’t bet money on it.


did anyone else read the list as a single sentence?


I’m going to miss “innit”. It reminds me of “lookit” in Kansas-ese.


Basically, what? Yeah.


Haddaway and shite, man.


Claims like these are about 90% bullshit and 10% rooster diarrhea.

On the one hand, you’ve got the claim that allowing kids to use “slang” (official vocabulary is just slang that’s been around by the way) somehow decreases or impedes their literary ability. I know it feels true to you but I’d like to see some properly designed study say it. I can’t imagine how using language more flexibly could possibly harm literary rates but I’ll listen–again–to any properly conducted study you’d care to show.

On the other, you’re seeing the same old drivel about “our country” (it’s a UK article, but they do this shit in the US too) not producing qualified workers. I can’t attest to how it is in the UK but in the US, that’s just horsecrap. We have plenty of qualified workers, they’re just hard pressed to accept less-than-living-wages for jobs that are posted with heavy degree requirements*. The companies here use it as an excuse to show that they need to outsource. “Americans aren’t qualified!”

And if our workers really aren’t qualified, why is that? It’s because our education system is a failure. Who’s responsible for that? Maggie Thatcher, Ronald Reagan, and all those who put them into power and let them do what they wanted with impunity.

*Sometimes impossible requirements. I remember when Ruby was about five years old and there were job postings for it demanding 8 years experience in it. The pay for that job? $12/hr.

ETA: Since I accidentally left the first paragraph in and feel sheepish taking it out, I’ll clarify that the third paragraph covers the rooster diarrhea.


I recently heard the CIO of a major UK bank talk about his job. I noticed that he used ‘yeah’ like a period, ending half his sentences with it.

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I’ve never heard of “extra” as slang. I like it. Does anyone have any example sentences?

Also loving that “basically” is slang. “Basically”.


Given her reputation for being unafraid to use vulgarity, it seems reasonable to invoke her name as a stand-in for actual swear words.

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Well, it’s definitely not ‘Logic Trolling’…


Careful, now. You’ve got a typo in there. He’ll be all over you… :wink:


Rent-seeking? I don’t get that part of an otherwise cromulant rant about NewSpeak.