Space Force's controversial new squadron logo features the Grim Reaper

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Sure, it looks fascist, but this patch also screams: “Our job consists of nothing but pushing paper.” I mean, it’s the fucking space force, they don’t do shit.

Baddie GIF by Giphy QA

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that reminds me more of something like this:

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The Shadow shows up on a handful of different military unit patch.

Also the OSS mascot “ol’ spooky”.

That’s the same unit for The Shadow. It’s VQ-4 all three times, just having him pose differently, probably because different eras.

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I wouldn’t read too much into that hat given it was literally only used once. AFAIK, they were like “we can’t use the same hat, what do we do to make it different?” Note that the uniform doesn’t match the new Space Force dress uniform of black top and grey pants.

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I dont know if you are already aware, so pardon me if preaching to the choir here.

In the US armed forces official squadron patches are approved via the appropriate branch heraldry office. They usually can trace lineage to the patches use in WW2 or Korea, when yes somebody made it up. The Disney company designed a lot of USAAF patches.

Unit members can create their own “morale” packages for specific purposes such as to commemorate a particular mission or deployment, or just for unit fundraising. These usually adapt the official patch, but not always.

There has been a stark movement at the unit level since 2003 to start incorporating more skull / punisher imagery. Its fucking annoying because every morale patch looks the same. Kinda closely correlates with the rise of warrior cult and right-wing extremism.

Regarding the VMAQ-1 patch I posted above specifically, whats interesting is it is intended to remind the aircrew that death awaits them, not that they are the ones bringing death.


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