Spaceships with the same ID number argue in "Floaters"

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Left me wanting more. Plot had hardly got going! :wink:


Yeah. It’s a cute concept, but it really feels lacking overall. If this were the teaser before the opening credits on a show I’d watch it. If this is everything there is, it’s kinda “meh” and I’ll forget about it in a day.


No, it really doesn’t. And I should know, I was elected arbiter of good taste for the English-speaking Internet last January. It’s a 10-year gig and I’m not going let this one pass unnoticed so early in my term.


I enjoyed the heck out of this. Thanks.


Made using Blender, a wonderful 100% Open Source software.

I’ll leave to other users the joy of discovering its features since when it comes to graphics, I’m basically the equivalent of a Cro Magnon carving his cave walls with a stone :grinning:


Sci - OK. Fi - OK. Comedy - needs more work.

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Very " Heavy Metal"-ish. I got a good laugh.


Thank you, I enjoyed that.


Blender FTW! (not this blender)

If you want to get into blender, check out the Lazy Tutorials Youtube Channel, there was one video on pipes and another one on animating crowds featured on BoingBoing.

These tutorials are a good way to see what is possible, and that doing complex stuff is actually achievable. My favourites are the nightmare men and the one about light sabers though.

Can we get a blender tag on BoingBoing? This Open Source software deserves more promotion, and there are lots of posts about stuff related to blender.


I’ll suggest Grant Abbitt on youtube. His tutorials are less frenetic than Lazy Tutorials, so my old brain finds them easier to follow. Also Nekomatata’s youtube tutorials are full of info and use a different style of rendering. Oh, and Blender Guru too.


Lost it at “I know. That’s why I’m here.” I write little pieces like this and have wanted to animate them, but there’s so many choices and most are way more granular than I need; so thanks for the heads up about Blender @stinkyfoot @lizard-of-oz @euansmith !!!


Yup, count me firmly in the “thanks for the free funny” camp too :slight_smile:


Similar to Aqua Teen Hunger Force in the sense that if the acting’s good it doesn’t really matter that the animation is stilted.


“You and your…third dimension.”


Waaaaay back in the day, movies used to open with a short of some kind ahead of the main feature. I don’t know if that’s something the theater did on its own or something sponsored by the production house. Either way, it would be sweet if SciFi (or any other genre) flicks would open with an indy short. It would be an awesome way to promote new talent and titillate the audience. And I don’t mean concession adverts.

Of course, this whole concept would rob multiplexes of precious minutes that would otherwise allow for a possible third or fourth showing of features in the same theater. SMH.



Simple transposition error, but I love how the interactions unfold.

Very tangentially related:

Decades ago (literally) I received half a dozen pieces of mail that came to my correct address, but whose named recipient was… well… it’ll be easier if I give an example…

Suppose my real name was Thomas P. Anderson (it’s not, I promise)

The mail I received was addressed to Tom Panderson.

So basically, they diminuated my first name, then pasted my middle initial onto the front of my last name.

I got half a dozen really dodgy pieces of mail, all inviting me to participate in a chain letter scheme. A couple of them had actual $1 bills in them, indicating at least someone had bought into the scheme.

For the record, I never responded to any. Instead, I pocketed the money and kept the letters for a few years before destroying them, in case the postal inspectors came a knocking.

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