Sparrow joins Japanese family


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[quote=“Reuters, post:1, topic:73609”]
she first saw the bird, named Pee Chan, in mid-November while working as a traffic guide for local school children. It followed her home, resting on her shoulder and not wanting to leave.[/quote]

My grandfather used to have random small birds land on his shoulders and ride him around. It was quite charming, really.


His name wasn’t Saint Francis, was it?


You are not the first to make that comparison. :slightly_smiling:


Well it seemed more appropriate than the alternative.


If you only saw a picture of Granddad you’d think him pretty scary, he was a huge gorilla of a man. But in person he was very kind and gentle, and that was immediately obvious from his presence and body language. I could tell you stories all day, but I gotta get out of here.


but you win the thread.


Apparently the ability to detect empty nests is not species specific, or even confined to avians. +1 for sparrow cognitive capabilities.


Your Grandfather sounds hella-awesome…

Speaking of St. Francis:

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