Guy gets visited daily by the Canada goose he rescued

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This is such an awesome story. I hope this man is blessed with good karma in this life and beyond. Obviously, he had a good heart o begin with, but I believe raising these geese has instilled in him the awareness that animals have, if not a soul, because I don’t know if I believe in anything having a soul, but at the very least a capacity for conscious sentience, which if anything is what I believe exists after our physical death. These geese are fully aware and engaged with past and present and understand their relationship with this man. This story made my day. Thanks Andrea.


kylethegooseYou stick kids in a classroom 3/4 of the year and expect them to sit and learn. Then they finally get some time off and you want to ram school supplies commercials down their throat. Showing back to school commercials in July is so disrespectful and insulting. I got a great idea for your kids.
Try leaving them the hell alone
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Why does he want to destroy our schools? Why?

The amazing thing about this story is that he found the one Canada goose that isn’t an asshole.


*cobra chicken


Why do I get the feeling that Mike is going to be raising Kyle’s grandkids?


Geese (to each other): Just do a crappy job of raising your gosling. This human takes over!


I kind of wonder if Kyle “learned” that from being abandoned. Few abandoned animals will survive, but the ones who do might internalize it as a proper parenting technique.


I thought the same. It’s all Kyle knew.


Do male geese spend as much time on childcare as females?

Boundegar - off topic somewhat.

The article suggests that Kyle is a female goose, name notwithstanding. I don’t blame the guy; I haven’t the first idea how you sex a baby goose.

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Darn it, first thing in the morning and someone is chopping onions nearby.


Boundegar, were you hitting the water pipe one too many times last night?

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I dunno… this story is a little hard to believe. Some how he managed to find the one goose who wasn’t a total asshole?

Does this guy have a day job (besides raising geese)??

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