Speaker Ryan urges Americans to vote GOP because Dems will waste time fighting corruption


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Such a waste of time, though, fighting corruption. /s


How can he…, wait…wtf…is he insane? Christ, what an asshole !


“The Milken Institute global conference in Beverly Hills”.

Is that where the global 1% meet up and learn how go about “Milken” society for fun and profit?


Fear mongering is all they can come up with.


With a statement like that it almost sounds more like fear-mongering among their own ranks


Actually, he’s probably being correct. The Dems would fight corruption while the GOP would efficiently implement corruption.


What was that from all the other threads? Oh yearsh, dass right

I would like to be the first to welcome our insane overlords…

Oops, I didn’t even get it right.

I, for one, would like to be the first to welcome our insane overlords…


I don’t think the current crop of Republicans can be efficient about anything, even corruption.


Why is Robert De Niro’s picture at the top of this post?


Even then, “OMG; SUBPOENAS” isn’t on par with say, Godzilla as something to be frightened of, so maybe “fear-mongering” is overstating it; “apprehension-mongering” maybe?


I know I’m not the only person who predicted that Trump getting elected President would screw the GOP royally in the long run, in fact I thought Trump losing the election would lead to the GOP splitting apart. It remains to be seen if the GOP will lose control of either house in November, but if they do then Trump is toast. But that doesn’t mean the Democratic party will suddenly become more progressive and less corrupt. So, whatever.


Oh wait, you mean they will be doing what Trey Gowdy has done for 8 years straight?


That’s the plan, dipshit. Enjoy retirement.


I see you are new to American politics.


“you’ll have gridlock, you’ll have subpoenas,”

So, an actual draining of the swamp?


Headline should be “as retirement looms, Ryan’s parting shot is psychological projection.” They’ve got both houses of Congress and the White House, but have only managed to pass a really shitty “tax reform” law and appoint a collection of foxes to guard hen houses.


I think for this to be an effective argument even to Republicans he’d have to show how Congress not getting anything done then would be substantively different than how Congress is getting nothing done now.


I, insane, for once welcome our overlords.


So it will be like the Clinton presidency? Except the only thing he did wrong was a blowjob. Can this president say the same thing?

Under oath?