Special Election in Alabama


No topic on this yet? I’m shocked.

If I was an Alabaman I’d make him a deal - he can have my vote if I can have his daughter’s phone number.


Great tracker


We’re screaming our heads off over here so this is a nice, sane change of pace, thanks.


From the link:

Strong support for Roy S. Moore, the Republican, is expected in rural, mostly white parts of the state and in its northern half.

Except in Hunstville, where actual rocket scientists live.


At least those guys have a Plan B.



Right now NYT is forecasting a 74% chance of a Jones victory. What a nail biter this is turning out to be. It looks like the hick counties are basically all counted and it’s just the population centers remaining.



I’ve been watching the NYT tracker for the last ten minutes and yeah, I’m right there with ya:


It’s basically a dead heat right now. Holy crap. (84% chance for Jones now!)


It will be amusing to see Trump turn on a dime to state how much of a loser Roy Moore was if things turn out for the best.




Holy shit NYT is predicting 95%+ for Jones. Is this real life?


Solid red counties are already at 100% counted. Its only the blue counties where move votes need to be counted and it can only appear to help Jones.


AP just called it for Jones.


AP is calling it for Jones



CNN just called for Jones. Alabama called Jones. Sweet Relief.