Spectator who caused Tour de France crash has fled the country

Maybe she came back?

Just kidding. Just the fluid nature of reporting I’m sure.

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I’m not sure how I feel right now. Sure, fine her the 1500 euros, but I wonder if Sutterlin will be able to face her and find out how remorseful she is? Hopefully, this isn’t something that will ruin her life like (leaving his name out of this) the guy who hampered the Cubs.


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It’s good to see stories like this that show the world has its priorities straight.

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This is good. 2018 d’Huez was not good. 2020 barriers in Poland was not good.

But at least we have sock police and banned supertuck/puppy paws.

She has a future organizing gender reveal parties.

She was French and turned herself in. Probably turned herself in because people for some reason kept accusing her of being German.


I saw headlines that said “A woman who caused the crash was arrested…”

“A” ?? Wasn’t she “The woman who caused the crash was arrested…”

or am I nitpicking ? She was the only one… had there been two she would be “A”.



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