Spinal Tap to reunite for Democratic fundraiser, turn the 2020 Election up to 11

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This is the news I needed today.
Thanks bOING.

In lieu of the Marshall stack I should be using, I’ll have to settle for earbuds as I head out today, listening to…

It’s got everything: stupidity, superabundant clichés, a good beat, sincere irony and extravagantly silly get-ups.

And folks, those guys are real musicians and they are really playing those instruments.

For anyone wanting to sing along:

The Majesty of Rock

Spinal Tap

There’s a pulse in the new-born sun;
A beat in the heat of noon;
There’s a song as the day grows long,
And a tempo in the tides of the moon.
It’s all around us and it’s everywhere,
And it’s deeper than royal blue.
And it feels so real you can feel the feeling!

And that’s the majesty of rock!
The fantasy of roll!
The ticking of the clock,
The wailing of the soul!
The prisoner in the dock,
The digger in the hole,
We’re in this together, and ever

In the shade of a jungle glade,
Or the rush of the crushing street,
On the plain, on the foamy main,
You can never escape from the beat.
It’s in the mud and it’s in your blood
And it’s conquest is complete.
And all that you can to is just surrender

To the majesty of rock!
The pageantry of roll!
The crowing of the cock,
The running of the foal!
The shepherd with his flock,
The miner with his coal,
We’re in this together, and ever

When we die, do we haunt the sky?
Do we lurk in the murk of the seas?
What then? are we born again?
Just to sit asking questions like these?
I know, for I told me so,
And I’m sure each of you quite agrees:
The more it stays the same, the less it changes!

And that’s the majesty of rock!
The mystery of roll!
The darning of the sock,
The scoring of the goal!
The farmer takes a wife,
The barber takes a pole,
:musical_score: We’re in this together, and ever :musical_note: :musical_note: :musical_note:


But who will the drummer be?


I’m no expert, but I’ve read that Spinal Tap’s songs and performance are better than that of some of the bands they are parodying.


Wow, it really says a lot about our enduring relationship with the UK that these fine lads would be concerned about about the state of affairs in the US.


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