Spock-hand business-card holder


Especially a good gift to the nerdly Jewish Cohen in your life.
That is where Leonad Nimoy actually got the gesture from, the ancient priestly blessing.

(see also the Leonad Nimoy article)
Interestingly and completely off topic except geekdom loves science, almost everyone in the world; black, white, asian, middle eastern who identifies as a Cohen shares a common Y chromsome, it can’t prove they are the descendants of Moses’s brother Aaron the high priest but it does show that they all share a common male ancestor, fun stuff.

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+1 for the war trophy!

Somebody needs to 3D model this so I turn one out on our Makerbot at work!

I need two for my Dee Spocker statue project…

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You could do a wax hand but an alginate-plaster or resin cast would be more durable.

Maybe a quick n dirty mod of an open source hand?

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