Live long and prosper with these Vulcan salute mittens

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Forget the Vulcans. I know one guy who has spent a lifetime traversing space and time in a quest for properly fitting gloves.


geeked-over gloves with no conductive index finger patch!? ah well, they can be hacked.

you sure it’s not a ninja turtle mitten?

I have a pair of winter bicycling gloves with the proper division. Most bike riders call them lobster claws.image


Nash-veh allergic tor terkarf-tukh. Damn ish-veh

Those are great! I believe you can get shooter’s mittens, which have a thumb, a forefinger for the trigger, and one big pocket for the three remaining fingers. Now all we need is an afternoon tea mitten, with a thumb, a pocket for the three middle fingers, and a pinky for holding out.


This pattern would make good Ninja Turtle mittens too.

And did you know that the Vulcan salute has Jewish origins?

Pffft, yes, give me a hard one.

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I think you’re onto something here

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