Sputtering mad Eric Bolling walks off BBC spot about Georgia's new Jim Crow law

So. . . he starts out by complaining how partisan America has become : “even wearing a mask is political now.”

Oh man. Look in the mirror, how do you think it got that way? You work for a news outlet that thinks “fair and balanced” means taking a commercial break to NOT demonize the other side for two minutes. It’s no coincidence the rise of partisanship follows the rise of Fox News and saturation of talk radio with conservative hosts.

These guys like Bolling, they don’t fare too well when they’re on someone else’s show and get called out for BS or asked difficult questions. That’s why they have their own shows where they can choose guests and edit accordingly.


This. This right here.

“Even if I grant your premise, it immediately leads to my conclusion. Thank you for your support. Now we can either agree on the importance of defending everyone’s right to boycott, or agree on the importance of proper regulation of all types of guns. Which would you like to negotiate today?”


And if it wasn’t being tagged as a racist, it would have been some other excuse to get out from under the withering barrage and over something that he can’t logically defend. Running out prevented his obvious racism from being openly challenged.


I applaud her poise, that was infuriating to behold. I would’ve been visibly enraged/disgusted. I didn’t know any of these people, but hope to see more of her.
And yet, we still have this:


ETA, since it’s not one boxing: 1 in 8 Americans still think women are unsuited, emotionally, to hold office. Published 2019, but can’t imagine it’s changed a bunch since then.


They’ve hardwired fiduciary responsibility into their contracts and legal agreements. It’s the stay-out-of-jail card when people’s lives, the environment, you name it, get screwed.

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This arsehole again!

The BBC has had that walking, talking anus on many times before to show everyone just how serious they take their both-siderism (Gorka used to be a regular) but these sewage-spewing, thin-skinned Trump clones have nothing to bring to the debate and don’t like being challenged so it’s just infuriating.


Communism: the workers own the factory they work in = BAD

Capitalism: the factory is owned by shareholders who may never see the factory or even know what it produces, and don’t necessarily care if it stays in business = GOOD.


Two things.
To begin with Bolling spends a fair amount of time telling his opponent what she thinks and believes; the moment she takes his words at face value, he shouts, “You don’t know me!” Priceless.
Second–At no point does anyone suggest that Bolling is racist because he is White. Indeed, no one except for Bolling himself suggests that he is a racist. So you know what’s on his mind.
These folks need to stick to Fox and that ilk where their lack of a skill set with which to hold a contentious conversation won’t be so evident.


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