Square Peg Round Hole performs a song on resonant boulders

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Why, they sound almost just like hammers!

We went to Ringing Rocks County park over the holidays. There are better rocks with lower more resonant tones than these guys chose.

They kind of don’t sound so excited to be there. It’s the first park I ever heard of where you are encouraged to bring hammers and bang on things, usually that is verboten!

It is crazy to walk and to avoid broken ankles in the boulder field which is completely boulders, no flat surfaces. Most rocks ring, but you do find some duds. There is also a lovely waterfall along the same path.


I so wanted more tonality, polyrhythms, gamelan. Hell, anything after the way they talked that up.

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I’ve encountered a couple of large semi-detached “flakes” of rock while climbing that gave an amazingly deep tone when struck with a fist. The percussionist in me was marveling at the tone. The climber in me wondered if it was going to break off and be my final ride into the turf below.


High Concept, and if you imagine that being said in a bone-dry tone of voice, you’re imagining entirely correctly.


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