Sriracha: now in individual sachets

There are no words for how much I love the fact that they come with carabiners.

Oh, that? Yeah, I always carry hot sauce on my belt loop. Doesn’t everyone?


For years, I had one of those from an MRE hanging as an ornament from my rear view mirror.


It sure is nice to live in a place where you don’t have to carry your own hot sauce everywhere you go!
[size=10]#sorrynotsorry[/size] :wink:

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Keychain. :rooster::fire::heart:


If getting it past the TSA screeners is involved then I don’t think its convenient.

Life is finite and sucks. Convenience is important.

I generally describe Tabasco as “vinegar with red food colouring”.


I actually like Trappey’s Bull sauce which isn’t at spicy and has a stronger vinegar flavor for cooked greens and generic veggies.
I rarely go for eye watering unless I am having Thai and feel a cold coming on.

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Jalapeño Tabasco, however, is green, has a moderate nip to it, and works very nicely in a Bloody Caesar. :wink:

Don’t need a cold coming on to eat Thai, though. It’s just yummy.

Oh I just go for 3 stars instead of 4 then.

Well, then, fuck it. I’m not playing.

How hot now?

I have no idea where this came from


You can miss some of the yummiest stuff then - even flamethrower Thai cooking has a distinct flavour over and above the heat. My translation partner has been in Ottawa trying to get into post-grad programmes, has thrown some dinners for the family at my brother’s place. I recall a very hot white seafood curry (talk about misleading appearances, eh?) that was to die for.

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[quote=“cleveremi, post:33, topic:72708”]
I have no idea where this came from

we discussed it here

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That’s one of things I love about Thai food is that the heat never overpowers the flavor of the food. Mostly my ulcer prone tummy doesn’t need it that spicy on a regular basis as it isn’t worth the pain after the fact.

A similar situation to my sister-in-law, and she is not bearing it well - she’s Chinese Mauritian, and she loves her spices. Doctor’s orders notwithstanding, I suspect that her backsliding has instigated some of those dinner invitations to her favourite Thai cook…

Edit: I just got the official pronouncement on Sriracha sauce, and I’ll quote: “Babyfood for every thai.”

2nd edit: I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that Thai cuisine is the Thai equivalent of a Maori haka - if they feed you the stuff they themselves eat, you are as respect-worthy as the recipient of haka. :wink:

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Siracha is one of those foodstuffs that start out as an accompaniment and end up being the entire point.

Like, when did my ham and horseradish sammich become a horseradish and well-I-guess-I’ll-add-some-bread-and-stuff?


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