Sriracha: now in individual sachets


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The link and price you mention for Sriracha is for a brand other than Huy Fong, the “Rooster” brand that most people know and love.

Here is the correct link for Huy Fong’s new travel packets, a 200-pack costs $35 plus shipping, about the same as the Tabasco product.


So you’ll need about 35 sachets per meal? Why yes, most food is a hot sauce delivery device.


Well, I guess I now have no excuse and will just have to break down and try it. Based on the descriptions I’m sure this will lead to a terrible hot sauce addiction and a downward spiral that ends with me on the street swigging Frank’s straight from the bottle.

It’s been nice knowing all of you.


I want one to wear around my neck, like a medallion.


Thank you!


Here you go!


Gosh! You’re awesome!


It is more a spicy ketchup than hot sauce proper… That said it is awesome on scrambled eggs and things you would normally put ketchup on.


My translation partner calls it baby food. She’s from way up North in Chiang Mai. Who knows? Maybe they eat baby food in Chonburi Province. :smile:


Well it isn’t all that spicy really. Tabasco levels of hot so unless you are a complete novice it isn’t really much heat.


I find that style of condiment packets to be annoyingly fidgety to open without mishap, and that’s when the only risk is getting regular clothes-staining stuff everywhere. Hot staining stuff flying around? Yay. Not to mention wasteful for most non-portable uses and dangerously squishable if the goal is to carry them around, so a bad design all around.

What happened to Tabasco’s clever harder-plastic bottle-shape packet? I’d have guessed that would be the new standard by now for being more user-friendly as well as super cute. Probably even more wasteful in terms of raw materials though, therefore more expensive. So there’s my answer.


These packets are good news for food trucks and fast food, but i wouldn’t buy them for myself.

Even better they sell big packs of the mini bottles.

Of course like @japhroaig astutely points out, the full size bottle is what i consider travel size. What are those, hot sauces for ants? They need to be at least 6X as big!


That’d be quite big ants.


Turns out that Huy Fong sells travel size Sriracha bottles that are much more reasonably sized.


A store near me offers gallons, also, I was surprised to find.


yay, more more plastic waste. But Ohh the convenience





FYI, these also exist…


Hot sauce is a good starting point, but hummus is delicious on anything even marginally bread-like. I recommend trying it on thin waffles, and in a roast beef sandwich.

Sweet Baby Ray’s barbecue sauce is good enough on its own, but for the sake on not tipping off co-diners that I have a problem, I’ll put it on a well-done steak. The meat isn’t what’s important anyway.

Also, try mixing spicy deli mustard and honey mustard, best of both worlds!