Stable Texas lawmaker aims an AR-15 at himself while daring Biden

…Actual Sparta wasn’t really destroyed by a slave uprising either, although they did have them on occasion, and one contributed to the falling out with Athens.

But there is a strange thing where people think Thermopylae was something other than simply a case of the Greeks – Spartans only being a small portion of the force – getting outmaneuvered and defeated. I can remember wikipedia for a while had people trying to list it as a Pyrrhic victory for the Persians, as if having to fight a couple days before taking over all of central Greece was some kind of loss for them.

From all I can tell, they probably never actually said molon labe either, which doesn’t show up in accounts until much later.


Handling two firearms at the same time is the particular idiocy leading to him aiming at his foot. If you are handling two guns, you aren’t paying enough attention to either one (with predictable results)


Realistically, it doesn’t even come to that. As more than a few people suspected of being armed and dangerous and undesirable in one way or another have found out, some decades of ‘tough on crime’ mean that having an APC full of SWAT team no-knock you at 3am and gun you down while you are still deciding between groping for your gun and trying to get your underwear on is not some extreme theoretical.

It probably won’t happen to him; but for a variety of obvious reasons involving social capital and being the right sort of person, if you catch my drift, rather than because The Man totally fears his guns, rather than seeing them as the perfect exculpatory evidence to bring a violent raid to a successful conclusion. The people who would hypothetically come after him probably wouldn’t even be the liberals of the nanny state; they’d be the same cops he was probably all for arming and training to deal with ‘urban’ issues and drug mexicans, applying an eminently transferrable skillset.


From my cold, dead toes!

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Last time was Battle of Gonzalez, where those that tried, didn’t succeed. Admittedly, this was followed by the battle of the Alamo, where all the defenders died, but then that was followed by San Jacinto, where the Mexican president was defeated.

They always have very specific fantasies where enough uniformed troops stay home or defect to their side to win the day for them

They’re usually quite disappointed by real law enforcement people who show up and do their jobs at Malheur NWR and the Capitol and whatnot


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