Stacey Abrams running for GA governor

She’s currently the minority leader in the state legislature.


She sounds awesome!

Do you think she has much of a chance?


Honestly, it’s hard to say. Of course ATL, some of the OTP burbs, and some of the other cities around the state went blue, but the more rural parts of the state are pretty red. Like many of GA democrats, she’s pretty middle of the road and plays up her ability to work across the aisle (a necessity in getting things done in the legislature for the minority party). She certainly has a high enough profile, and I think she could excite the base in the rest of the state. It will really depend on how active democrats outside of the blue areas are and how tired more moderate republicans are of Trump and his whackass supporters. If whoever is the GOP front runner aligns with the Trumpites and the moderates rebel against that, they could easily split the ticket and give her a real chance of winning.


Damn! I never thought I’d see Georgia turn bluishpurple. But, WOW! it might just be a possibility.

Charlie Daniels is going to have to write a new song.

We’ll see. It helps that the cities are the big economic hubs.


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