Stand Up 4 America aims to turn the US senate blue

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Seems that most of the forecasts have the Nazis at best (for them) having to win all the tossup races and the white house to keep the senate.

I put out an album last week with the same goal. 100% of proceeds go to blue senate candidates.


Well I guess we can welcome back Mitch for another 6 years. There’s not much Kentuckians hate more than Californians telling them what to do, except for maybe New Yorkers.

I’m dead serious. If people here get even a hint that some group out of LA is trying to influence the vote, it will go badly.

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Well, yeah, but somebodies got to do it.
Are there Kentuckenos lining up?

Uh, yes, there are. It’s that sort of arrogance that is what I’m talking about.

I want to see Mitch gone. I’m not about to vote for him. I don’t even consider myself Kentuckian (though I live here). And yet even I’m f***ing offended by this group.


cool stuff, man! I like the featured track. kinda has a Massive Attack vibe. 10/10 will donate! thanks!

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seems like all of trump’s fans in Kentucky don’t mind that new yorker telling them what to do.

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Oh, well, pardon me, good sir or madam or other.

Hey, I’m not here to vouch for their politics or lack of hypocrisy. Just telling it how it is.

And there is a big difference between choosing to vote for a Californian or New Yorker and being told by an outsider to not vote for someone local. By ridiculing people in Kentucky, you are illustrating exactly the attitude that makes them furious at people from the coasts.

But hey, have your fun. All I can tell you is that Stand Up 4 America is going to end up shifting more votes towards Mitch than away precisely because of the type of condescension you’ve shown.

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Such as, say, New Yorker Donald Trump telling Kentuckians not to vote for local candidate Amy McGrath?

Yes. Do you not understand yet?


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