Stand up for journalists and the free press by opposing the Future Investment Initiative!

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Get on it. Get involved.

Roger That!


“Rogue” must mean “sent to Turkey, but found out, so now being thrown under the bus, but they knew the job was dangerous when they took it”

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When the president of the United States whines and lies about journalist what else can be expected from his allies? The Saudis expected to get away with this without paying any price what so ever. The thief in chief only responded after his own cowardly party realized even their base found this unacceptable. Now the fool babbles about 15 rogue operators BS their way into the saudis embassy and pull off a brutal crime. Does he really think people are dumb enough to believe that? Can he possibly be so stupid as to believe his own oral farts? Our last best hope of survival at this point are the journalist courageous enough to tell the emperor that he not only has no clothes but the all of his shortcoming are apparent to the world.

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The Idiot in Chief believes in absolutely nothing. The only things that matter to him are those which directly benefit him.


That would be a valid point if the President of the US was the only important person in the world. But the world’s dictators would still be dictators if Clinton had become President.

for decades we were beholden to the Saudis no matter how terrible their government because of their oil

now we are beholden to the Saudis for decades because of their massive wealth from the oil we bought?

we basically funded evil and oppression (and not so indirectly 9/11)

same way we allowed our industries to build up China by slowly switching to making everything there instead of building up US infrastructure or even Mexico to keep it in North America so our mediate neighbor would be less of a poverty/crime problem

now all it takes is the head of our government, not elected by a majority of the population, being more interested than money than any morals or human decency and we are totally screwed

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