Stand Up Paddler captures amazing encounters with blue whale, orcas, dolphins on video




That is beautiful, We have an aquarium here in Finland which has dolphins, and though I don’t think it’s right to keep them in captivity like that, they made me fall in love with the creatures from a very young age.

Later, I got to swim with a dolphin in Turkey and have ever since wanted to become a marine biologists, to research all these majestic creatures; whales, dolphins and sharks. Swimming alongside a blue whale would be a dream come true.


I hope you follow your dream!


So awesome, except for all the orca videos. Orcas scare the hell out of me, no way would I ever want to be sitting on a tiny paddle board with orcas swimming around like that. Those monsters kill great whites.


Well, I have been seriously considering going to the university to become a biologist. We have a really great university here for that, but it’s hard to get it because there are so many people applying (luckily we don’t have to pay a bunch of money and proof ourselves in other pointless areas in order to apply to a university, it’s just about knowledge and skill). I was a research assistant at the university’s Biology department’s Ecology division, and though I got to do nothing with sea life, I loved every bug-filled minute of it.

I’m studying Environmental care right now (“highschool-level” vocational education), and all the people there have been pushing me to go to university, because that’s where my talents lie, not the technical side.

So uh, sorry for the life story. In any case, I do also hope that I someday get there.


Good for you. Best of luck, I think it’s awesome. I also truly believe that you should find something you love and follow it to where it might lead.


Yeah, orcas are pretty terrifying hunters. I like Doug Stanhope’s bit on them:


That whale is breathing fast, I’m concerned it’s overheating.


Seemed odd to me as well, but I know 1) Whales are mammals, and 2) they live in the ocean. Boom. Done.


I think you’re faux-concern trolling in the wrong thread. :slight_smile:


While cool and beautiful, it looks like somebody harassing protected animals to me… The way that he goes near the head of the whale and then pursues it.
Ah, here’s a story on it:
Was SUP paddler too close to blue whale? -

Federal authorities are looking into whether German might have violated the Marine Mammal Protection Act by repeatedly pursuing the mammal on his SUP board—an increasingly troubling occurrence throughout California.

“Irresponsible human behavior can disturb animals, destroy important habitats, and even result in injury to animals and people,” said Monica DeAngeles, a marine mammal specialist with NMFS.


Agree. This guy was definitely too close, and likely harassing them. All for what? Some footage on his site to get some clicks. (As an aside, how stupid is stand-up paddle boarding when compared to kayaking and canoeing as a way to get around on the water?)


Here’s a short film on the bowhead whale – the only baleen whale that spends all its time in the arctic/antarctic:

via: A Year in the Life of the Bowhead Whale | Deep Sea News
(there are versions narrated in Yupik and Inupiaq if you don’t do english)


I was thinking the same thing, but for what it’s worth, his Orca video shows some local whale watching tour boats chug-chugging through the area, too, and all things considered, dude is self-powered and highly unlikely to harm the animals with his board or paddle. Which is mostly immaterial–keep your distance or else.
However, after reading the article you linked, I gotta say, yeah, keep your distance. If a whale pops up next to you, then you cut power and drift until said whale moves away or until you’ve drifted at least 100 feet away.
And if I were judging the case, I would have been leaning towards a light fine until dude says this in the GrindTV article:

German, meanwhile, has used Captain Dave’s Facebook page to defend himself against critics accusing the paddler of harassment.

“To me these are sacred animals with great wisdom to share,” German stated. “I have an actual connection with these animals. I am the last person in the world who would ever ‘harass’ them as I am being accused.

Throw his ass in lockup for making patently absurd comments.


That was outstanding! Beautifully done and utterly captivating. I had no idea Bowheads could live so long!


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