Stanford rapist Brock Turner already free


Giving or receiving?


It’ll be interesting (I think that’s the word I want) to see how being on the sex offender’s register affects Brock’s life. If it does at all. Also, I wonder how long it will take for his family’s lawyers to get him off the list.


I don’t want to defend this asshole, but if he is on the sex offender registry, it will never be over. It will follow him around forever, and make all sorts of things more difficult. (Not as difficult as a poor person on the list would have it, but it’s not a small thing for anyone.)

Frankly, I don’t want to defend the SORNA list either, it’s a bad law for a bunch of reasons, but it is a thing that exists, and it applies to him.


If you’re relatively wealthy and have the skills or ability to work certain kinds of jobs, it’s not going to have that much of one. If you’re poor and have a hard time finding housing because of restrictions and can’t find a place to work, then it can be hell.

Which is one of many reasons I think we should do away with the system altogether. I sincerely doubt it’s actually helped anyone, and setting up stockades in the public square for people to get pelted with rotten vegetables is probably more cost effective.


That’d be people who respect the rule of law. Does that not include you?


Nope. The law is a tool, not an altar. I respect the law the way I respect electricity: It can hurt me, but it exists to serve a purpose, nothing more.

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Society authorised that judge to make the final decision on that sentence. It also decided that people cannot be tried more than once for the same crime.


I thought it was the legislative branch of the government that did that.


Well, then you’re rejecting the social contract that lets us try people for rape (or any crime).



How’d ya figure, oh wise Trollus Concernatus?


No, it means they cut down on cells for the Lawful Evils, again, in order to jail yet more Chaotic Goods.



Come on. That supposed contract would be that people who hurt others are left alone to be judged by fair trials, and that plainly does not happen to people like Turner. You’re really going to attack Snowlark and ActionAbe for noticing this contract is routinely broken, as if that means they are the ones who broke it?


Nobody is suggesting Brock Turner be tried again. It would be nice if he was resentenced to a longer term in prison like the Hammonds were in Oregon when a judge determined the original sentence was incorrect, but it’s probably not possible or likely here.

There’s a difference between the legal procedure being followed and justice being served. People are upset about the (in)justice part. Legality and justice aren’t the same thing.



I didn’t realize electricity started with you and your personal responsibilities to your society!


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Were all laws set immutably in stone at some point in the past?

Or are we not members of a society that is continually interrogating and redefining itself?


my complaint was mainly that it was posted a week ago. although technically not a repost, since it was ‘he’s getting out of jail’ and now it’s ‘he’s out of jail.’

i guess next they can post ‘stanford rapist brock turner goes to the store’ or whatever.