Star Wars Clone Wars to return in 2019

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Stair Wars.


Makes me cry.



Great, now I have to go re-watch Clone Wars, he said, without a single hint of annoyance.


I liked the “short story” format of the show with 3-4 related episodes. This way when binge watching it was easy to skip the Jar Jar centric ones.


Are the “missing chapters” of the Star Wars saga kind of like the so-called “missing links” in evolution, in that “every time you fill in one link you create two more”?


My supervisor used to play that theme on quiet Sunday afternoons in the call centre.

'Course, the rest of the week it was all “YOU take the calls, I’LL worry about those emails…”

This, the Clone Wars abridged guides make the series much better.

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Well I was OK for the Clone Wars to end. I mean, it was nearly time. But I do kinda miss it… I do need to get the last season on DVD still, I have the first (6?) in a nice boxed set.

I AM looking forward to them hopefully actually telling the whole story that they released a partial animation of where Cad Bane duels a young Boba Fett and we see where he gets the dent in his helmet.


Eh. All I need is Episodes IV - V - VI.


For those over the age or 40 - the best we can hope for is clutching at the past. Clone Wars, starting with the magnificent 2003 series was/is the last gasp of inspiration from the original trilogy.

It’s sad in a way - but for every bastardized offshoot of our youth, new original (and some would say superior) content flows. Case in point.

Whew - too many hyperlinks!!!

I’m not yet at the stage of complete refute, but any more Solos and I think I’ll get there.

Cad Bane is one of my favorite non-trilogy characters and one I’d love to see more of.

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seriously, they had me at Ahsoka.


Please tell me you watched her stint on Rebels?

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The squeezings of long-spoiled fruit.

i did not. i can’t remember what it was on, but for some reason i didn’t see it.

I highly recommend it if you have the chance. Her main stuff is only in season 2 so one could easily watch it and not worry about the rest. There is one scene in particular in the S2 finale that still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.


I beg to differ. The first season or so (like just about any TV show) is rough, and any episode with Jar Jar is definitely on the “leave” end of “take it or leave it”, but Clone Wars was a great show that was light-years ahead of the prequels that spawned it. Unlike the movies, it actually made me care about Anakin, and it had a great collection of new main and secondary characters like Ahsoka and the clone troop led by Rex. Also they brought Darth Maul back and made him into one of the more interesting characters in the series. However hand-wavey they had to get to justify him surviving getting lopped in half, it seriously paid off.

For anyone else who does plan on re-watching the series via streaming before new episodes come out, you apparently have 30 days to do so. I started up the first episode on Netflix this evening and got a notice that it will only be available until April 7th. Hooray for content creators also owning their own distribution platforms. :roll_eyes: