Star Wars Rebels season three draws to an end

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This season seems really disjointed. Lots of side stories that don’t go anywhere and while Thrawn is great in concept he’s been really passive. I think he’s maybe been face to face with the rebels twice the whole season and the rest of the time he’s been sort of sitting around acting all sinister as the Rebels blow up one star destroyer after another.

He has learned who Fulcrum is. By tampering with his model of possible planets, they most likely have shown him where their base is. He will probably wait for them to launch the attack to regain Lothal, destroy their base virtually undefended, and then strand them in the middle and take them apart thereafter.

Thrawn never cared much about incidental victory. He was always about the largest arc, and casually accepted losses on the way there, refusing to sacrifice position to save face. He would even happily engineer losses to gain a winning position overall.

Last week they killed Maul. Why? The producers of the show felt that since they brought him back, it was up to them to close his storyline, as he was not present in the original trilogy. Neither were any of the Rebels core characters. Neither was Rex.

If the same intent holds true toward those characters needing good reasons to not be present later, Thrawn could be very successful indeed, and soon. If you note the art behind Thrawn’s desk, I wonder if we won’t see the Ysalamiri next season. I believe there will be a reason why Kanan and Ezra weren’t mentioned by Obi Wan and Yoda. While such a grim ending seems out of place for Disney, it is hard to see the series having anything but a tragic ending.

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