Star Wars: The Force Awakens just became the highest grossing film of all time in U.S. history

I suspect that I shouldn’t overthink Star Wars anyway. I generally try to accept that things happen in particular ways because that makes a better story.

I imagined the Millennium Falcon might have an identification plate though. Although it’s not unreasonable that it wouldn’t, and perhaps knowing what a famous ship it was, actually seeing what a junker it was might throw you off.

My wife still insists Julianne Moore walked past the White Horse Tavern in Greenwich Village when we were there (she probably did).

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But if you owned something like that but didn’t want to pay for guarding it, isn’t security by obscurity the best way?

And she totally did. That’s the lesson I’ve learned, I’m never right about this stuff. I have recognized two celebrities in my time here, Sarah Vowell and Jane Curtin and I suspect only because I had seen them elsewhere in person before.

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I saw Vince Neil on the Black River in Port Huron once. I was all like, “hey, that dirt ball thinks he’s Vince Neil,” then my boyfriend at the time said “that is Vince Neil.” The boat the guy was on belongs to a restaurant in St. Mary’s, so we went to the restaurant a couple weeks later and asked them if it was Vince Neil. It was Vince Neil.

Michigan is weird.

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I stood next to Cory Doctorow at a bar in Seattle while a band performed once. To be fair, that was at a For The Win reading. I should probably have said hi.

I did once see a Chuckle Brother in the duty free shop in Rhodes airport.


That’s nothing. I once watched Assassins, the film with Sylvester Stallone. Afterwards we were talking about it and I said “I think that younger guy was just trying to imitate Antonio Banderas a little too much.”

This is a movie that stars… Antonio Banderas.

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I feel oddly honored.

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