Star Wars with Chinese characteristics


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Judging from the PDF I skimmed, it looks like some stuff from The Empire Strikes Back made it into the book.

Very, very odd. But also charming.

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This is fantastic. Far more retro and '70s-ish than the film itself was, with the added funhouse mirror distortion of communist China. Star Wars from an alternate universe. I would so, so watch this movie.

C3P0 seems a lot more competent than in the movies, although it’s difficult to imagine how he could have been less so. The medical Droid seems to be getting some action on the bridge too.

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Bullfighter jacket Leia.

That is at least twelve parsecs of awesome.

Also chimp Chewie!

It is certainly all kinds of weird, but is it really that weird if you compare it to the original Star Wars comics instead of the movie we all know?

Original Jabba
Don Quixote (Don-Wan Kihotay) and Bucky O’Hare

More on Chinese lianhuanhua (“linked picture books”) here:

I’ve also started posting a full translation here:

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