Yin-yang Star Wars tee on Threadless


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It’s pretty, but yin is not evil, and yang is not good. I don’t think the force has much to do with it, except on a really shallow pop culture level. And tie fighters wouldn’t make screaming sounds in the vacuum of space, neither!

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Even better if it weren’t a ripoff: https://www.etsy.com/listing/130958015/star-wars-yin-yang-woodblock-print – I mean, don’t get me wrong, both designs are awesome… kinda similar though.

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There’s nothing in common between them except the intersection of yin-yang and Star Wars. There’s not a single shared element that they both use in the same way.

“Ripoff” is a pretty serious accusation, and it’s not cool to throw it around without justification.


“Birth of an hero,” huh.

Truly, it must have been an historic occasion.

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As a Star Wars fan and a sort of amateur Taoist, I want this shirt.

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And you are an hilarious commenter.

Unless you define it as such. Contrasting ideas are cast as complementary in this symbol, and that certainly describes what I see in Star Wars.

And it’s a really awesome image! It really makes me want to start drawing spaceships (and after I’m done with painting dinosaurs for our next show, I will).

I really liked how the first film made no bones about who the bad guys were and who the good guys were. And we were rooting for the good guys! The explosion at the end was a win, not a loss. Since then, it’s made my stomach churn to see the empire admired as much or more than the rebellion, as if they are on equal moral footing, and you would be just as likely to choose one over the other. Makes for a fine RPG or VideoGame, but then the original movie was neither of those, and I loved it for what it is.

By the third film, Kenobi was a mealy mouth liar- by his own admission- and black was white and cats and dogs were living together; mass hysteria!

This redefining of ideas in order to retcon someone’s idea of"Balance" into a truly disturbing family story… you might like it, you might have masses of fans on your side, but I still miss the “good old days”- before the dark times. Before the empire.

I simply don’t see why you can’t just paint them together.

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Perhaps this can provide some inspiration:

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The only thing that turkey provides is “Deep Hurting”

Sacrilege! You probably don’t like Zardoz either.

Oh, 15 year-old me liked it in ways I’m ashamed to admit, but now? Shudder

Ooh, nice one. Another great-looking movie to track down. This one looks like a winner.

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@pixleshifter Ok. I know what our next next show needs to be. Really ancient astronauts! (And there’s some personal precedence for a mashup of this nature. )

Admired? This is the same Empire that loses Endor’s sanctuary moon to teddy bears? Yeah, you’re right about some of the problematic aspects of the story (cf. David Brin’s comments on the story which I’m too tired to hunt down at the moment, for example).

But I don’t think the Empire was ever portrayed as anything but exclusively evil in the three movies I grew up on. Emperor? Bad guy. Check his music and rather diabolical laughter. Vader? Ok, a bad guy, but with some good in him. His is a terrible and sad story, but that doesn’t let him morally off the hook for standing by and letting Alderaan get blown to bits or hunting down Jedi knights. There wasn’t much moral ambiguity about those things, even if his offspring’s attitude changed towards him, that’s sometimes the nature of the relationship kids have with their mass-murdering parents. Ben Kenobi did, perhaps, rather poorly, but I guess even Jedi sometimes make poor decisions. Luke certainly did.

I’ll admit it. I still enjoy the first three movies. But then, they were released at the ideal time for me.

When has that ever happened in Star Wars? I’m confused.

Video games often let you take both sides because you can’t have multiplayer combat without some people being bad guys, but they’re still clearly just as much “the bad guys” as, say, the terrorists in Counterstrike.

I can’t tell if you’re riffing off my joke or asserting that “an hilarious” is correct.

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