Stargirl show is officially cancelled

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I wouldn’t dump so hard on the Arrowverse; it wasn’t Peak TV but it was no worse than a lot of stuff on the goggle-box. I mean, it was certainly no “Picard” or “The Bachelor”.


This is true, but Stargirl was above average in that group, with some decent actors in adult roles

… can’t say I really care about the cancellation though—Season 1 ends on just the right note and can stand as a self-contained product on its own

The later seasons meander around and we’re not really sure what the point is, which is a common problem with television—canceled when they should have been renewed, or renewed when they should have been wrapped up


Legends of Tomorrow was amazing and I will fight you over it


That was my favourite Arrowverse series too. I loved the characters and all the daft humour; “Is there a cougar on the premises?"

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The comics for Starman with the lead character being Jack Knight (published between 94 thru 01) is pretty good, one of my faves though off the top of my head it does have one problematic plotline that hasn’t aged well. Still I’ve hoped over the years that it might be picked up and modernized in some fashion, maybe a cartoon series. I recall seeing a clip of Stargirl and it didn’t seem terribly interesting :confused: maybe it’s better than i thought it was but tbh im not super into CW type shows

To be fair Legends of Tomorrow leaned into it’s cheap silliness and was all the better for it. It was the Doctor Who of the Arrowverse.


This is a shame. I just started in on the 3rd Season. It was a much higher production than the really unrelated Arrowverse shows.

I feel like if Geoff Johns can’t save this one (Staring a character he originally created) then it’s really telling. WB seems like they are probably going to ditch the CW shortly and killing all their broadcast DC comic shows.

I would be shocked if Superman and Lois is given more than maybe one more season. I also wouldn’t be surprised if they do just cancel it without warning.

I do not understand why most television is made for people aged 13-16.

Swamp Thing seemed promising, but they canceled it before it even got off the ground. :man_shrugging:

It’s not.


I was enticed by Stargirl, as well as Flash, The 100, Supergirl and a few others. They all started out strong, with sci-fi plots that pulled me in.
But all CW shows, by design, devolve into teen soaps in more or less than one season. I keep getting suckered in by the prospects based on the early episodes, and I probably will again.

I quite liked the first 2 seasons or so of Arrow, after that it just wasn’t as interesting to me. Ideally i would’ve liked a focused story with a clear end point, but once i saw that they just wanted to keep it going as long as possible i bailed. For Flash and the other related shows i never really watched so i can’t speak to those

Ray Palmer and Nate Heywood’s bromance was one of the most wholesome things on television.

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Right there with you buddy. I could not get any of the other arrowverse shows, usually dropping out after the first season. I actually did nope out of LoT in S1 because it was trying really hard to be serious then. A friend convinced me to keep watching and I’m glad I did. The pivot in S2 and beyond to be silly and fun was great and turned me into a fan. I was sad when it got the ax even if S6/S7 were pretty weak.

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