StarLite is a 12.5" tablet for Linux lovers

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Krishna’s toenails, this is really hitting a rare acquisitive soft-spot. (even comes with some distributional options not forcing one into Pop!Os) …but but saving up for some very overdue upgrades and then this little hot number comes along -grrnnn- [fingers molten credit card]


Nacre (effect) case, where? This 16" version, seems not to have room for a cooling fan…even if it does have an AMD option as well as the i9 notion. Oh and 5 years of UEFI updates! Nice Intel you have there, shame if something happened to it…pfft. [Buys more replacement screens for the OnePlus 9. Hope they’re OLEDs.]


Is it a coincidence that it looks just like a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet?

This is the year of the Linux desktop fondleslab!


StarLabs is one of the only vendors shipping all their computers with Coreboot for the BIOS/UEFI. This is huge, as closed-source firmware is increasingly vulnerable and targeted by malware developers.

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OOOoooo. This is promising. I really like the Surface, but really don’t love the Windows ecosystem. I’m gonna keep an eye this for when it’s time for a new tablet.

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